Trump retweets ‘Democrats enemy of state,’ Twitter deletes culprit account

The suspended Twitter account also had posts that claimed Hillary and Bill Clinton harvest pineal glands from children.

July 31, 2019 20:02
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Trump retweets ‘Democrats enemy of state,’ Twitter deletes culprit account

US President Donald Trump announces his intention to withdraw from the JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement during a statement in the Diplomatic Room at the White House in Washington, US, May 8, 2018. (photo credit: REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST)

After US President Donald Trump retweeted a post that claimed, “Democrats are the true enemy of America,” the account from which the post originated was deleted by the microblogging giant, Twitter. 

CNN and the Daily Beast both reported on Tuesday that the account was eradicated within hours of the president’s retweet. 
The tweet originated from an account under the name "Lynn Thomas,” and contained other derogatory statements against Democrats.

For example, the tweeter claimed that noted Democratic leaders such as Hillary and Bill Clinton harvest pineal glands from children to get a “drug” that can “only be found inside the human skull.”

The tweet goes on to explain that Trump pretended to work with the Russians to expose a Deep State plan to take over the US, according to the media reports. 

The pineal gland in the human brain produces melatonin, which is a hormone that aids in healthy sleep patterns and anti-inflammation process.

The Deep State theory is the belief that powerful groups control the state mechanisms and subvert or nullify the wishes of the people who reside in that country.   

In Thomas’ account description, the tweeter said he/she is not a robot and that he/she is a “fierce Trump supporter.” 

Twitter told CNN that it deleted the account for violating its rules, but refused to state which specific rule or rules.

Trump has argued in the past that social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are hostile to him and his supporters. The president recently held a White House conference on social media and invited leaders in the arena to attend.

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