January 26, 2017: Metzger to jail

For those of us who have already made the choice of living here, we can assure those of you still in France that becoming Israeli is not a last resort.

January 26, 2017 21:31
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Metzger to jail

I read with disbelief the news of Rabbi Yonah Metzger’s plea bargain and jail time (“Ex-chief rabbi heading to jail,” January 25).

How could a chief rabbi of Israel behave this way? We are supposed to be a light unto the nations, with a belief system that speaks to us about moral and ethical standards and how we treat each other. I regret to say that here in Israel, our light is becoming diminished and dimming day by day.

How do we faithful Jews equate this behavior in our everyday lives? Before our eyes we see the erosion of those same beliefs and moral values. What has happened to the values of the past? How do we stop the erosion at the present, and how do we preserve those same values in the future? Do we have a leader to speak out against this terrible behavior?


As I look at the picture of Rabbi Yonah Metzger on the front page of The Jerusalem Post, I am wondering: Is the Torah weeping?


Vive l’Israel!

Mon Dieu! To suggest that French aliya is down because of Israeli inaction (“Time to ease aliya for French Jews,” Comment & Features, January 24) is unmitigated chutzpah! Never in history has coming to Israel been easier and more accommodating than now. Short of placing replicas of the Champs-Élysées in every town square, what more can our country possibly do to persuade our French brethren that Israel is the future? More than we want the French to come – and we do – they themselves must grasp the urgency of leaving antisemitic Europe for the one and only Jewish homeland.

For those of us who have already made the choice of living here, we can assure those of you still in France that becoming Israeli is not a last resort – it is a privilege and a blessing to call this place home.

Vive l’Israel!


Realistic actions

Caroline B. Glick’s “Netanyahu, Congress, AIPAC and the PLO” (Our World, January 10) deserves needed clarification. Her incredible false statement that AIPAC “fervently support[s] the PLO” demonstrates her fundamental lack of understanding of AIPAC’s appropriate and vital role in building broad-based support for Israel in Congress.

AIPAC, as an American organization, cannot be “holier than the pope” – the pope in this case being the duly-elected government of Israel, which currently voices support for a two-state solution, although with certain conditions that it is highly doubtful the PLO will ever accept. As opposed to some pro-Israel organizations here that speak loudly, it is AIPAC that carries a big stick by producing broad-based, tangible results in Congress instead of mere press releases.

Given current uncertainties both in the Middle East and here in Washington, realistic actions always speak louder than strong words, however well-intentioned.

The writer heads the pro-Israel Washington Political Action Committee and is a former executive director of AIPAC.

Learning the lesson

I came across the following prophetic words of my father, the late Rabbi Pinchas Shebson, an inclusivist and a strictly Orthodox and Zionist leader for over half a century in England, written I know not when: “Does not history repeat itself? ... The crisis today: Israel is facing enemies. Hitler’s spirit is being revived. And what do we do? We argue, we abuse each other, we criticize each other. There is no unity in our camp.”

The Jewish people throughout the world – Zionist and non-Zionist, haredi, national-religious, non-Orthodox and secular – should once and for all learn the lesson before it is too late!


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