July, 29, 2019: Boris Johnson: Hope in the air

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

July 28, 2019 22:00

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Boris Johnson: Hope in the air

In “Sic Transit Britannia” (July 26), Pinchas Landau writes regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election that the British public “is neither excited nor even much interested in this supposedly important event.” 
Dead wrong!
Some complain that only 92,153 people decided who the next prime minister of the UK would be. But let’s not forget that the best choice Britain ever made was on May 9, 1940 at 4:30 PM, when only four people – Churchill, Chamberlain, Halifax and Margesson – picked Churchill as the next PM.
I sense a change in the air; for the first time in years, there is hope. Johnson put Jeremy Corbyn in his place during his first Commons speech: “The right honorable gentleman who has been paid by Press TV of Iran, who repeatedly sides with the mullahs of Tehran rather than our friends in the United States over what is happening in the Persian Gulf. How incredible we should even think of entrusting that gentleman with the stewardship of this country’s security.”
This is not Tlaib’s hometown

Regarding “Hometown preparing ‘big welcome’ for Congresswoman Tlaib” (July 25), Webster’s Dictionary defines “hometown” as a place where one was born or grew up. Why did your front-page banner state that Rashida Tlaib’s hometown is preparing to welcome her? She was born close to Detroit and has never lived in any of the towns mentioned in the article.

Regarding Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s announced visit to Israel, it would be a constructive exercise during her visit to this region if she were to use whatever influence she has to pressure the governments of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria to offer her fellow Palestinian Arabs wallowing in politically induced squalor in those Muslim countries the same privileges that she and millions like her have received in the United States and other countries around the world: citizenship. Or does she not seek to help her actually oppressed kinfolk?
She should ask those Arab countries to offer citizenship just as she has been given American citizenship – and just as one and a half million Arabs have full Israeli citizenship.


I would not expect the Jewish media to appear so excited about Tlaib’s pending trip. To my shock and dismay, this hater of Israel received a prominent position of the front page of this newspaper. What an embarrassment for me as a subscriber for nearly 10 years, to be subjected to a hero’s welcome for such an enemy. 
Tlaib is no Anwar Sadat. If one didn’t know better, one would think that this woman was a hero to the State of Israel and not such a villain. Most of the article speaks about how proud the townspeople are at her accomplishments. Being that most of claim to fame is being an antisemite and a BDS supporter, I am disgusted to see her name as the lead story for a Jewish and Zionist newspaper.

It is interesting to note that the Post article reports that Tlaib’s “oppressed” grandmother is living a very good life. She just returned from traveling to Jordan for a family celebration; her town has a high percentage of educated people; many hold high and well-paid positions in their government, banks and other institutions, etc. Sorry to disappoint Israel-bashers, but this is no humanitarian crisis – actually, quite the opposite.
Bat Yam

Take CAIR to be consistent

In “Controversial NY mosque’s Facebook video on women belies progressive claims” (July 28), one reads that CAIR is an “Islamic organization that emphasizes an alliance with progressive groups.” This is belied by the Jerusalem Post article “Ilhan Omar to speak at banquet for group known for terrorist group support,” (February 19), “CAIR has a long history of affiliation with the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. CAIR members have often defended the actions of Hamas in Gaza.
“Further, FBI investigators uncovered evidence establishing CAIR’s place in the ‘Palestine Committee,’ which was a Muslim Brotherhood-created network aimed at helping Hamas in the United States, according to a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. In 2009, US District Court Judge Jorge Solis ruled that there is ‘at least a prima facie case as to CAIR’s involvement in a conspiracy to support Hamas.’” 
In a perfect world, Post articles would be consistent and not print misleading “facts” – particularly regarding such a vile anti-Israel organization.
Petah Tikva

Proving Jewishness

“It’s harder for immigrants to prove they’re Jewish” (July 26) sheds light on a dilemma that can adversely affect hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide.
Being Jewish is based not solely on religion but rather ethnicity. Whether you’re born into that ethnic gene pool must ultimately be the deciding factor. Whether or not you, your parents or grandparents, made a conscious choice to observe the faith (and that’s a loose term, since there are so many branches within the Jewish faith) is another factor, one that cannot be the only “acid test” as to whether or not you were born into the tribe. 
As increasing antisemitism threatens Jews worldwide, will the only Jewish refuge be held captive by a small group of overzealous nitpickers who would rather weed out the unobservant among us, because they wield such power? Or will they finally recognize that being Jewish is not an exclusive, one-size-fits-all club? Let’s not be guilty of closing the doors to our own, but rather welcome those who want to join our ranks and count themselves among the exiles of Zion who have chosen to return to their homeland. Being a roadblock to their homecoming sends the message that they are not worthy or legitimate enough to achieve what is rightfully theirs by virtue of their ethnic birth. 
It’s time to change this policy and do the right and moral thing!
Bat Yam

I agree that the state rabbinate is overstepping its bounds in ruling on the status of people who enter Israel under the Law of Return but may not be halachically Jewish. Yet, the article fails to mention that there should be a solution for people ruled to be “not Jewish.” The immigrants should be given the option of undergoing conversion in a process that doesn’t make overwhelming demands on them – such as insisting that they get all the members of their families to convert or that they agree to become totally shomer Shabbat immediately after they begin their Jewish studies.
Atlanta, GA

In a speech broadcast earlier this month on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV (the video is available on the Internet), Hamas Political Bureau member Fathi Hammad said, “We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them.” 
Given the religious status issue, how does he plan to determine who is actually Jewish?
Los Angeles

Fool me once, shame on you

Why do I and others write to combat Gershon Baskin’s aspersions on Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians (“Have we no shame?” July 25)?
We do so because we are angry at his spurious arguments. 
In answer to his question, we definitely have no shame – only sheer frustration that our near neighbors continue to disregard our very existence and do all in their power to play the victim, while demonizing us as an uncaring aggressor.
These latest demolitions had been earmarked and placed on record for some considerable time, ruled as illegal construction constituting a severe security threat, having been built so close to the security barrier. 
These structures could have provided cover for suicide bombers and other terrorists hiding among the civilian population, endangering the lives of civilians and security forces alike.
The lesson to be learned is that “you reap what you sow.” Yes, everyone should have access to a home – but not by all means, especially not illegal and violent ones.
Until the Palestinians recognize that their leaders are placing their present and future in jeopardy, there will be no meaningful progress toward real peace.
Tel Aviv

Gershon Baskin highlighted Israeli “evil” for all to see. Israel destroyed some homes of Arabs, which it said were built too close to a barrier wall. 
Well, Baskin saw the pure eight-year-old crying and the saintly 80-year-old upset. Also so many nations called us out for this unforgivable act.
When have Baskin and the righteous nations complained about expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif? When have they complained about money paid to incentivize and reward those who murder Jews? When have they noted any other government in the world enforcing building codes? When have they noted over 200,000 killed by jihadists since 9/11? 
I could fill the page with their evils but what’s the point, they are not Jewish. Shame on Gershon Baskin!

Gershon Baskin describes the demolition of a handful of illegal Arab homes as “pure evil.” I wonder if he also describes the demolition of Jewish homes found to be illegal in the same language. When Jews are thrown out of their homes, does he take pathetic pictures of these people, too? 
He gives only half the story – just as our enemies do: “strangling their economy, closing roads to them, stealing Palestinian land, burning Palestinian crops, chasing shepherds from their lands.” On and on he goes. I wonder about the Palestinian economy. Where are all the billions of dollars that their leaders accepted from other countries? You would think that with all the money they receive from overseas, they would have at least built themselves a respectable hospital and relieve some of the pressure on ours. 
Does he think we closed the road just because we were feeling ornery that day? Does he not remember the murderous attacks by these “Palestinians” on these same roads? How many of our people were mercilessly slaughtered on those roads? 
But wait. The point is whose land is this? I am not ashamed in the least to proclaim that this is our land – the Jewish State of Israel, given to us by God. Our dear soldiers, some of whom are my grandsons, do their best to protect a us so that we can continue to live here. Yes, sometimes our soldiers have to cover their faces. That’s probably so that our enemies won’t identify them and come after them personally. This is called “force protection.” Most armies in the world do this for their soldiers. 
Gershon Baskin is the one who should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for spouting enemy propaganda. And The Jerusalem Post should be ashamed for publishing such one-sided malicious claptrap. 
Petah Tikva

I believe that Baskin has finally gone too far and that The Jerusalem Post bears the responsibility to exercise proper judgment in deciding all “that is fit to print.”
It has long been clear that Baskin has “left-wing” tendencies, but when he resorts to untruths, it is time to put an end to his libel and anti-democratic rants. He makes many false statements as if he is reporting facts. This assists our enemies throughout the world by providing them with “legitimate sources” (the Post) to prove Israel’s “culpability.”
To cite but a few examples. Baskin claims that residents of Judea and Samaria fight for the right to live in our historic homeland not because of “God’s promises to the Jewish people” and not because of “the security of Israel” but because we get such a good deal! He cites no reference when claiming to know why thousands of Jews choose to live in Eretz Yisrael, yet asserts that we participate in the “burning (of) Palestinian crops, cutting down Palestinian olive trees… bulldozing water wells” and more. Thankfully, he stops shorts of claiming that we make use of Palestinian blood for our matzot!
When he alleges that our court system has “worked on behalf of Israeli annexationist interests for a very long time,” he conveniently ignores the numerous instances in which these very courts have ordered the demolition, destruction and building freezes of Jewish communities in Amona, Efrat, Neve Daniel, Kedumim and all over Judea and Samaria.
Does the publisher and Editorial staff of the Jerusalem Post have no limit to its tolerance of false, libelous and hate-filled “commentary” which leads the writer, Gershon Baskin to “the urge to be violent?” It is time to cease providing Baskin with a hateful soapbox to the world.

Olmert a hero? Really?

I am distraught, dismayed and depressed that a columnist has the chutzpah to elevate and lionize a convicted felon (“Ehud Olmert – a silent hero,” June 24) by promoting Olmert’s book. 
Olmert abused the public’s trust not only as a Knesset member and Jerusalem mayor; as prime minister, he had blood on his hands during the 2006 Lebanon War – a resounding failure and debacle where lack of thought combined with incompetence caused unnecessary destruction and the deaths of many of our young soldiers. This undermined the confidence that many had for him. Who would ever believe him again, whether his book is fact or fiction? 
With his sordid resume, he should never be given a media platform to influence our quality of life. He participated in the biggest bribery scheme in the state’s history. No honest or reasonable individual could believe what this characterless and unrepentant villain says or writes. Olmert was a political opportunist and criminal big time. Fancy calling him a hero! His actions of greed, graft and corruption made him the laughing stock of our political and justice systems with prolonged trials – sitting in jail accruing royalties but still unremorseful regarding his unlawful activities.

Iran on the margin of history

Regarding “Khamenei: Trump peace plan a dangerous conspiracy” (July 23), it’s interesting to note the arguments used by the religious Iranian leader. 
He should contemplate what the return of the Jewish people to its indigenous land means from a Muslim point of view – the Koran is quite clear on that matter. 
With the establishment of the State of Israel, the children of Yishmael are now offered the opportunity to return to the table of Abraham/Ibrahim, their founding father. This is reflected, for example, in the incredible fact that Israeli Arabs study in Israeli universities, vote, elect their own representatives and receive the same health benefits as Jewish Israeli citizens. 
If the Iranian leader and self-proclaimed superhero of all Muslims opens his eyes and comprehends the current developments in our common history, all sides – including the people he professes to care about – could benefit significantly. If he doesn’t, he and all his followers will stay on the margin of history, expelled forever from Abraham’s covenant. 

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