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The Jerusalem Post went overboard...

November 17, 2016 21:16
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Letter about letters

Once again, the moniker “disputed territories” is labeled as being the correct terminology when referring to the West Bank (“...and papers write,” Letters, November 16). How often must my message be repeated? There is no disputing that the territory is Jewish by international law – it should be referred to as “unannexed Jewish land,” for that is exactly what it is.

That our government and prime minister persist in giving Judea and Samaria this title is shocking and defeatist. It is a pity that Education Minister Naftali Bennett has not yet introduced the Palestine Mandate into the school curriculum; it should be mandatory in the matriculation years.

As for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he has done wonders for this country, but on this one point he has failed us miserably.

I have to agree with reader Edith Ognall (“Trump, Trump, Trump,” Letters, November 16) – he humiliates us and his people when he begs Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate a two-state solution when it is apparent that all of Abbas’s tactics are designed to delegitimize and destroy Israel.

Rishon Lezion

He doesn’t get it

With regard to New York Times columnist Frank Bruni’s “The Democrats screwed up” (Comment & Features, November 15), good luck to him, but in trying to explain that the Democrats still don’t get it, he makes it clear that he doesn’t get it.

Bruni writes that Donald Trump’s election does “not mean that a majority of Americans are irredeemable bigots (though too many indeed are).” He employs he word “bigot” in the context of somebody who deeply thinks the opposite of what he thinks.

It’s one thing to write about Democrats needing to get it, but another when you need to do so yourself.

Frimley, UK

Enough ‘Shabbos’

Now that the great Shabbos weekend is over (“The big idea,” Comment & Features, November 14), we can all relax.

The Jerusalem Post went overboard: The Shabbos candles, the Shabbos meals, the Shabbos prayers, the Shabbos family meeting, etc. How about a Shabbos where one does what one wants without anyone proselytizing, without interference, guidance or instructions from others?


Postal shame

If you’re expecting a parcel from overseas, forget it! I waited five weeks for an irreplaceable package from Australia, every day checking my mailbox to see if there was a card notifying me of its arrival. Finally, I went to the local post office to inquire.

I had the tracking number.

They checked and told me it was in Tel Aviv.

“Should get it in a week, maybe.” I went back a few days later – to be told it was being sent back to Australia, as I hadn’t collected it.

My son called the Israel Postal Company. Someone confirmed that the package was due to be returned, and if it still wasn’t actually on the plane, this person would try to retrieve it. He also informed us that the post office no longer sent out written notifications, although if a sender adds your mobile phone number to the address, you will receive a text message informing you of its arrival.

However, few people of my age look at text messages even if they do have a mobile phone.

First, they removed all the post boxes from my neighborhood, so I have to trek to the post office to mail a letter. Then they told me they had no stamps to send a letter to Australia – I have to bring the letter in and weigh it. When there are letters in my mail box, they are usually for other tenants or have the right number but the wrong street. My electricity bill hasn’t arrived for two months and I am worried that my power will be cut off.

The whole situation is deplorable. Our communications minister – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – should be ashamed.


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