Letters to the Editor: Netanyahu's troubles

What are your priorities?

January 25, 2017 21:17

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Netanyahu’s troubles

With regard to “PM under fire on two fronts” (January 24), what is going on with this country’s politics – and The Jerusalem Post? We have been inundated with headlines and hateful cartoons about investigations into how miserable and corrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supposedly is and has been.

What are your priorities? Who gives a damn about ice cream, cigars, hired help, etc. when there are dire problems and regional realities that should concern us? Israelis survived and endured eight years of vile, disdainful, dishonest treatment by the Obama administration. Yeah, he gave us weapons (with many strings attached), but ex-president Barack Obama also did his best to reverse reality and take away the meaning of the many lives lost to defend Israel.

We are at a crucial moment, with an opportunity to present the true history of this tiny, tiny country. Prime Minister Netanyahu should communicate the real story of the area of Palestine; the rights of Jews and our right to be Jewish; the fight against lies, propaganda and the honoring of murder; and the wish to deny any of this land to Jews.


Concerning Susan

Hattis Rolef’s “Affair 2000” (Think About It, January 23), this sordid affair does not reflect favorably on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ethical standards – nor does it appear that he has done anything illegal.

Yediot Aharonot publisher Arnon Mozes offered him a bribe and he refused to accept it. Offering a bribe to a public official is certainly illegal, but an official who refuses to accept it is, or should be, in the clear.

One wonders why the police are pursuing a case against the innocent Netanyahu while ignoring the more obviously guilty Mozes. The fact that they are doing so gives support to the prime minister’s reluctance to turn over to them the taped conversation from two years ago.

The conclusions we can draw from all this is that the press and media in general are completely corrupt and cannot be trusted to present the news in an unbiased manner. We can also assume that the police and the legal establishment in general will pursue a left-wing ideology, regardless of the facts.

Ma’aleh Adumim

The Trump era

In “Schizophrenic America” (No Holds Barred, January 24), Shmuley Boteach gets it wrong.

All wrong. He describes supporters of US President Donald Trump as religious, and the demonstrators on the Shabbat immediately after the inauguration as less religious. Talk about schizophrenia! I’m interested in Rabbi Boteach’s definition of being religious. Since he, and not I, categorized hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who left their homes, families and, in many cases, their traditions of observing the Jewish Shabbat as not religious, what is it that defines religiosity in his dictionary? Is religiosity support for a man named Trump who is a sexual predator (in his very own words), a liar, a cheat in business, a womanizer and an individual with a skin that’s thin like no other, who perpetrates lie after lie after lie? This is a man with no religiosity and no visible values. Perhaps the rabbi can identify some of Trump’s values so we can better understand his own.

I, for one, even as I search my soul looking for a single redeeming feature in the 45th president of the United States, can see none. No values whatsoever.

Really astounding.


Regarding “A period of instability” (Analysis, January 22) about the Trump administration, top adviser/counselor Kellyanne Conway looked a bit haggard as she defended President Donald Trump’s bare-faced lie about the size of the inauguration crowd.

Looking like a puppet on a string, she was hired to shill for the Trump administration’s agendas, and that includes selling the president’s outright lies to the American public and having us believe his pronouncements as “alternative facts.” Just how stupid does she (and he) think we are? I’m all for giving President Trump a chance to “make America great again,” but it shouldn’t include accepting lies and “alternative facts” as part of an agenda that is beginning to look more like “The world according to Donald Trump.”

What’s that old adage about repeating lies so often, people will believe them as the truth?

Mooresville, North Carolina

Hey! Aren’t you overdoing the anti-Trump articles? I’m so tired of all the writers, featured ad nauseam, ranting on repetitively while lacking substance. I think your loyal readers could be better served.


The last frontier

Last February, The Jerusalem Post published my letter to the editor, “Retiree society.” It was written in response to Gil Troy’s attempt to entice older Americans to Israel for their retirement years (“Become ‘shkaydiot’ – Golden Age Zionists – and not Florida defeatists,” Center Field, February 24). In my letter, I advised these “grandparents” to consider that “once on these shores, they will be regarded not by their accomplishments, but mostly by their age.”

I received a lot of flack about what was perceived as my undue negativity. Indeed, I was told that perhaps I needed to further explore opportunities here for either work or volunteering that were consistent with my previous professions and interests. So when I saw an ad for a program in a major cultural institution that mirrored what I had done for 20 years in the US, I applied.

After an intensive interview, I was accepted for training. When asked my age, I demurred, saying that such line of questioning was illegal in the US. However, after I successfully completed the program, I was told that I would be disqualified because of my age, and that this would apply to all positions, volunteer or otherwise, at that particular institution.

In the past few decades, many frontiers have been reached in eliminating discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Discrimination against age is perhaps the last frontier.

It is a violation of human rights and should not be accepted as “part of the culture” in Israel.

If such discrimination is in fact not illegal here, it should be made so. Perhaps it is the proper role for immigrants who have the idealism and guts to move to a new country to take the lead in helping create a more perfect society in the land they love.

Beit Shemesh
The writer is an educator and author.

Fluoride in water

How are Israel’s people affected by the content and quality of their water? One of the very first moves of former health minister Yael German – an act considered by many to be her most important accomplishment – was to remove the fluoride from our water supply due to the abundant research showing that it has dangerous effects on our brains and throughout our bodies.

One of the first things that Ya’acov Litzman, our present health minister, did was to add fluoride to our water – due to its alleged health benefits. One can only assume that he concluded that fluoridated water’s alleged benefits far outweigh any risk.

As our entire population is dependent on the quality of our country’s water, this highly controversial topic deserves serious investigation.

Mevaseret Zion

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