Ultra-Orthodox rioting in Israel

Most Israelis look upon these demonstrations as political chicanery, the haredi crowd flexing its muscles.

April 3, 2017 21:51
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Haredi protest in Jerusalem

Haredi protest in Jerusalem. (photo credit: JEREMY SHARON)

The entire world is watching, some with glee, some with sorrow, as the haredim (ultra-Orthodox) riot in various Israeli cities, most notably in Jerusalem. The “black hats” did not have to get a permit from the police to hold their demonstrations. And they are not just protesting; they are also beating people indiscriminately. A woman who was just trying to get home was attacked by haredim and roughed up, hit again and again. Remember haredim are not supposed to touch women who are outside their family.

Three days ago the police arrested 26 haredim suspected of committing sexual harassment and even rape of women and young girls in their community. However, that is not the reason for the rioting.

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The riots are due to the attempt by the state to draft haredi men into active IDF duty. These individuals could choose to take their draft notice to a recruitment office and explain why they cannot serve. If they show that they are full-time yeshiva students, the army will give them an exemption.

The problem is with haredim who, when the draft notice arrives at their door, tear it up or act as if it never came. When that occurs, the IDF has to go after them. When caught, they are arrested and incarcerated for a certain period. The purpose of the haredim rioting is to make it clear the IDF are Nazis, satanic, etc.

The sad part of it is that no one in the government, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on down, utters a word. The coalition has to be preserved; the haredi parties are in the Knesset and even some ministers are haredim. Votes more important than rioting.

Most Israelis look upon these demonstrations as political chicanery, the haredi crowd flexing its muscles.

Currently, the police are doing nothing.

I am waiting to see what will happen on Wednesday night.

Do the actions of your fellow Jews bother you? Write to Netanyahu – tell him how horrible these so-called religious Jews look.

Maybe if world Jewry really gets angry, something might be done. Israelis like myself have their hands tied. Only the politicians can act, but they are afraid of upsetting the haredi apple cart.

These individuals are representing Israel in the world media. What a shame.

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