Rapid Weight Loss Diets - The 3 Guides You Need To Know

Do you want to lose weight fast? You came to the right place! It's time to learn about some rapid weight loss diets that work.

Rapid Weight Loss Diets - The 3 Guides You Need To Know (photo credit: PR)
Rapid Weight Loss Diets - The 3 Guides You Need To Know
(photo credit: PR)
Have you tried for years to lose weight? Are you always looking for fast diets to lose weight? Do you go from one diet to another only to gain back more weight than you lost? Have you ever not lost any weight? What follows is a review of 3 powerful rapid weight loss diets. The strategies behind the diets are thought out well, and use science to help you control how your body deals with its fat reserves. There is no such thing as a perfect system. However, a diet will only be effective if you put in the work needed to make the diet work. 


The 3 Weeks Diet guarantees to help you lose significant weight in JUST 21 days! It was born out of frustration with diets that all claimed the key to weight loss is just eating less and exercising more, an idea that fails for so many.


Imagine losing 12 to 23 pounds thereby increasing your energy and improving your cholesterol levels, tuning your metabolism, and creating healthier hair and skin. The 3-Week Diet can make that happen. 
So, let's take a look at the 3-Week Diet. Here is what the 3-Week Diet can do for you. 

Let us begin with the Introduction Manual. The Introduction Manual introduces you to the science behind this system. The Introduction Manual talks about what supplements you will need to take. It will talk about the science behind how these supplements speed up your metabolism, helping you burn fat and providing you with the extra energy that you need to achieve your weight loss goal.

Next, is the Diet Manual. The Diet Manual provides you with a weight loss plan tailored to your particular body type. First you will learn how to calculate your body mass, and then you will use that information to plan exactly what, and how much, to eat each day. The Diet Manual eliminates all of the confusion. As you follow the Diet Manual each day, you will know exactly what to do, including what types of foods you need to be avoiding. Next in line, the Workout Manual. The Workout Manual teaches you important details regarding your workout routine so that you double your rapid weight loss efforts. 

Finally, you will get the Mindset and Motivation Manual. The Mindset and Motivation Manual will help you to achieve the proper headspace and teach you how to stay centered on your weight loss goals, while staying motivated. 

What We Like

  • ⦿  By using the 3-Week Diet, you can achieve in 21 days what you would normally achieve in 2 to 3 months on        other diets. 
  • ⦿ The 3-Week Diet is organized into 4 manuals
  • ⦿  Mindset & Motivation manual to keep you motivated and prevent you giving in to those cravings! 


Things to Consider

  • ⦿  It is a commitment
  • ⦿  To see true results you must exercise and keep it up!

Why We Recommend It in a Nutshell

With the 3-Week Diet, there is no going hungry, endless exercising. And yet, you will lose up to a pound of body fat per day. Can you imagine losing a pound of fat per day? How gratifying it will be to look in the bathroom mirror each morning and see visible progress each time? 
You will enjoy special and highly nutritious foods with powerful fat burning effects when eaten together. 

With the 3-Week Diet there is no need to completely cut yourself off from the foods you love. As long as you follow the system, you will know both what you need to eat and what you can eat. The system is very user friendly. 


The next system that helps you to lose weight fast is the Fat Diminisher System.


The Fat Diminisher System uses several different fat burning herbs and minerals to make you healthier without the need for diet restriction or excessive exercise.

When you use this system, you will learn that there are vegetables commonly believed to be good for you, but in truth hamper effective weight loss. Then you will learn about the secret super foods that detoxify the body and burn fat.

You will learn, step-by-step, how to speed up your metabolism.

Find out how to plan healthy meals using the many recipes provided, such as detoxifying smoothies that rid the body of free radicals. 

In the very first week, you will get your fat burning cycle going and be well on your way to losing 5 pounds in your first week.

A Quick Start Guide is provided to make it easy for you to take action and get started.

A number of workouts are included to help you get the results you want such as: the 7-Minute Workout, the 4-Minute Belly Fat Workout, and a whole month workout plan too.

What We Like

  • ⦿  Learn about amazing foods that massively boost sex drive and stamina. 
  • ⦿ Learn about getting in the right mindset to become fit.
  • ⦿ This system has a list of snacks built in to help you ward off cravings. 
  • ⦿  This is an easy to understand and scientifically proven system. It is a safe and natural way to quickly     lose weight.
  • ⦿ The focus in this system is keeping the weight off, and it works for anyone regardless of age or body type.
  • ⦿ Wesley Virgin is the author of the Fat Diminisher System. He is a nutrition specialist, fitness trainer and provides motivational speaking as well as life coaching. 

Things to Consider

  • ⦿ This system adds muscle as it speeds up your metabolism and burns fat. 
  • ⦿ In order to see the full results, you must commit to this diet!


Why We Recommend It in a Nutshell

With the Fat Diminisher you get everything you need to create lasting change. The big diet industry is exposed. The system shows how they use inferior methods that keep people overweight. The system explains the science behind why mainstream diets don't work. The diet and workout strategies are set up to meet the needs of the individual. The system tells you how much you should be eating based on your age, height, and weight allowing you to maintain your ideal weight. You will learn how to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol looking great, and how to boost your immune system regardless of your age. This is a powerful system and it can help you lose weight fast if you are willing to make the life changes needed to make the system work.
The final system we will look at is the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. 


In 25 days, you can transform your body with this system. In this system you can eat whatever you want every 5 days. You will gain muscle while losing fat and burning calories. 

★★★★★ ?????

Many diets cause people to lose weight at a normal rate because there are things built into them that sabotage results. 
Usually, when people try to lose weight, they run into a problem. They try to burn as many calories as they can in as short a time as possible. 

The problem that they run into is that when they do this, the body goes into starvation mode. It slows down your metabolism and holds onto as much body fat as it can.

How do you lose fat if drastically reducing calories sends you into starvation mode? 

You need to understand the difference between weight loss, and fat loss.

Fast weight loss can have negative side effects such as muscle loss, damaged metabolism, and you end up regaining the weight you lost and then some. That is not a situation that you want to find yourself in.

All this sacrifice and you still don't get the results you're looking for. The solution that this system offers is strategic synergy and it has 3 parts: Pre-cheat Depletion, Multi-function Cheat Days, and Strategic Exercise Implementation. 

The Pre-cheat Depletion will train your body to burn fat first. 

Your body's carbohydrate stores and muscle energy get drained right off the bat so that fat is the only thing left for your body to burn.

The Multi-Functional Cheat Days allow you to have fattening foods, which triggers your fat burning hormones. 

The Strategic Exercise Implementation times your nutrient intake with your exercise routine to give you greatly enhanced results.

This is what they mean by strategic synergy, using the right combination of methods in the right order. This ingenious structure makes this system far superior to most others.

The great thing about this system is that you will avoid that dreaded weight rebound, where you gain back more than you lost. Put in the effort and you will see the results.

What We Like

  • ⦿  The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet will give you a faster metabolism
  • ⦿ With the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet you will learn why your body has not lost fat quickly before, and what     steps you need to take to lose fat in as little as 25 days
  • ⦿  Multi-Functional Cheat Days allow you to have fattening foods

    ⦿  With the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet you avoid that dreaded weight rebound

Things to Consider

  • ⦿  Ensure that you follow the diet properly and don't skip out steps, otherwise you could also         end up with significant body fat and no muscle.
  • ⦿  You need to understand the difference between weight loss, and fat loss.


So where does this leave us? 

Which system do you think is right for you? The systems discussed here have certain things in common. They all use food and exercise in very specific ways to speed up your metabolism. The core principles of each are quite similar while the differences are mostly topical. The science is sound in each case, so you really can't go wrong. What it comes down to is personal preference. Which one sounds the most appealing for you? The one that seems the most doable is the one you should try first.

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