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The Megalim Institute is now offering multi-day seminars on the history of ancient Jerusalem.

Megalim one (photo credit: Courtesy)
Megalim one
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Megalim Institute is now offering multi-day seminars on the history of ancient Jerusalem Archeology and its connection to the Bible has become the hype throughout the Western world today, and at its center lies Jerusalem. A once rare piece of knowledge which today has become a widely known fact is that the Jerusalem from the Bible is in fact outside the Old City walls in an area known as the City of David and its surroundings. While even ten years ago the City of David hosted only a few groups of tourists a year, today the site has become the epicenter of archeological activity in Israel. In an attempt to bring knowledge of these discoveries to the public eye, Megalim the Hebrew acronym for "The City of David Institute for Jerusalem Studies", was established to enhance the general public's knowledge of Ancient Jerusalem. One of the Institute's first initiatives was to organize an archeological conference. Megalim Director and known historian Ahron Horovitz describes that despite its humble beginnings, today the conference attracts well over one thousand participants and is one of the largest archeological conferences in Israel. At the Megalim conference the public is able to hear from, archaeologists, bible scholars and historians who lecture about recent discoveries and studies relating to Ancient Jerusalem. In recent years, the renewed excavations in the heart of Jerusalem have inspired a renaissance in Jerusalem study. "Jerusalem is constantly surprising us with new and exciting discoveries but most people are unable to keep up with the explosion of data emerging daily from the ground", says Horovitz, himself a veteran tour guide. In light of the growing demand, the Megalim Institute is now offering multi-day seminars which will give the general public an opportunity to get a unique view into the exciting discoveries and history of Ancient Jerusalem. Megalim's courses focus on Jerusalem from the First and Second Temple periods. The main feature of the Institute's programs is what Horovitz calls the 'no- intermediary policy'. In recent years biblical and historical issues have become grounds for dispute by different agendas. "We're trying to bring Jerusalem back to ground level. The lecturers are the leading scholars in their field including the archeologists that have actually excavated and researched the evidence themselves. The courses also include excursions to the actual sights for a 'see for yourself' experience. We find that this is a far more reliable and authentic learning experience since it enables every student to make their own decision as to the validity of the information they are getting." For the English speaking audience, Megalim runs three-day seminars after the Passover Holiday and during the summer before the Ninth of Av. To compliment the courses, the Institute has begun publishing scholarly works pertaining to the issues at hand. The account of the last two conferences have been published in Hebrew, and will soon be published in English. Future publications include studies by renown scholar Professor Roni Reich of Haifa University, veteran archeologist and Jerusalem Prize winner Dr. Gabi Barkay, Professor Dan Barag and Dr. Boaz Ziso. The Institute also offers refresher seminars for tour guides and is planning a Gala two day marathon festival on Jerusalem in the summer. Horovitz adds, "So many people are interested today in knowing more about Jerusalem. Here at Megalim we want to ensure that they get a first hand understanding of the real Jerusalem, its history and unique contribution to the Jewish people and to world culture at large".