Thousands of readers and schools in over seventy countries are already using the bi-weekly Bereshit and Yanshuf newspapers as part of their teaching tools.  What it is about these newspapers, which makes them so appealing to both teachers and students of Hebrew world wide?

The concept

Practice HebrewThe concept for both newspapers is the same: When what you are learning is interesting, you will learn. No two ways about it!  Both Bereshit and Yanshuf provide the students with current news and information in Hebrew, which will naturally capture their interest.   In order to fully understand the texts, the student must use the grammar and vocabulary tools provided on the sides and bottom of each page.  In addition, the student gets audio reinforcement, with the CD which arrives with each issue:  Every article in the newspaper can be heard being read slowly and clearly on the CD.  The combined engagement of reading and hearing reinforces the learning acquired at each stage.

The product

Bereshit literally means "at the beginning". This is the newspaper for the beginner level in Hebrew.   Yanshuf means "owl", a bird whose image conveys wisdom.  This is the newspaper for the intermediate level in Hebrew

Bereshit NewspaperBoth newspapers appear approximately every two weeks, providing content which targets readers at all age levels, appealing to school kids and adults alike.  Both cover current events in Israel and elsewhere, sports, science, movies, culture, computers, and holidays.  They also include crossword puzzles and other activities.

As in any learning, practice makes perfect.  Both Yanshuf and Bereshit provide fun and easy opportunities to practice both vocabulary and grammar.  In conjunction with each issue's audio CD, pronunciation is also learned in an intuitive manner.  Within each issue, the Hebrew student can find three levels, providing an incentive for personal advancement in Hebrew.   A vocabulary of 2000 words, each of which is used at least twice a year, allows all the students to steadily expand their vocabulary.

Behind the Scenes

Both Bereshit (beginners' level) and Yanshuf (intermediate level) are recognized by the Ministry of Education in Israel, and the Jewish Agency.  The writing for both is done by Israeli teachers and journalists.  This ensures that while the subject matters stay interesting, the educational aspects of each item are suited to the level of the readers, and provide the necessary teaching tools.

Who? Me?

Yes – you!  Whoever you are and wherever you are:  If you are a Hebrew teacher for children, the beginning of the school year is the perfect opportunity to help your students learn and love the Hebrew language with a subscription to Bereshit or Yanshuf, whichever is suited to their level.  Not only will they love you, but so will their parents, when they realize how well their kids advance.  If you are teaching Hebrew to adults, or are an adult studying Hebrew on your own, then such a subscription will provide you with an ongoing teaching tool proven round the world in advancing the study of Hebrew in a fun and interesting way.   If your New (Jewish) Year's resolutions include learning or improving your reading and understanding of Hebrew, then a subscription to either Bereshit or Yanshuf can make it happen!

To order your annual subscription visit:

Or call Toll-Free:

USA: 1-888-750-7021
Canada: 1-877-380-9511
U.K. & Northern Ireland: 0-800-028-7172
Australia: 1-800-035-639
Israel: +972-8-9153696

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Yanshuf Newspaper – Intermediate Hebrew
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