Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Work – 10 Health Benefits You Should Know About

Ever since they got introduced in the market, there have been many myths and facts about Himalayan Salt Lamps.

July 28, 2019 13:18
Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Work – 10 Health Benefits You Should Know About

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Ever since they got introduced in the market, there have been many myths and facts about Himalayan Salt Lamps. Although science has not helped salt lamps out by proving any of their claimed benefits, users still have reported many.

Natural salt and especially Himalayan salt are therapeutic in nature. People in the Pakistani Himalaya territory have been taking their allergy patients to the salt mines for centuries. In actual fact as reported by users, salt lamps do actually work for many health benefits.

Here are some of the best health benefits you can expect from high-quality natural salt lamps:

1: Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Perfectly Safe for Adults, Kids and Pets

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Even though this might not be a particular health benefit, many opposers of the salt lamps pose it as a health hazard. The thing is made from natural rock salt from the salt mines in Khwera. Even if you kid or pets do manage to lick its surfaces, they are likely to leave it be as it will be too salty.

Their top surface is likely to get white foam like growing on it after a few months of use. That is the salt changing color from evaporating molecules into the air. It is still salt and nothing else and also no health hazard from any stretch of imagination.

Also, some types of Himalayan salt lamps have been reported as a fire hazard. That is also completely down to its manufacturing and wiring of the lightbulb and nothing else. Correctly made salt lamps don’t pose a fire hazard at all. Keep it at a safe place and they would be good to go like any other lamp.

2: Himalayan Salt Lamps Help Control Asthma

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One of the most reported benefits of salt lamps is their control over asthma. Asthmatic patients have reported having to use their inhalers in far less frequency when in rooms with salt lamps. Although there might be no scientific proof of this but research has shown salt lamps to release positive ions.

These ions attach themselves with the negatively charged dust particles in the air. When purified air is available for asthmatic patients to breathe, they will naturally feel healthier. Very little amount of dust will enter their breaths keeping them comfortable at most times.

Users have reported salt lamps from Fab Glass and Mirror to be very helpful for insomnia. Their variety is also great offering a wide selection of designs and styles as well.

This health benefit alone is enough for asthmatic patients to justify their small prices. Some also keep at least one salt lamp in each of their rooms to maximize this effect.

3: Salt Lamps Provide Relief from Insomnia

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Some causes of insomnia are related to dusty or unclean air. People cough when dust particles enter their breathing tracks and end up having to stay awake a lot. With their air purification abilities, Natural Salt Lamps made from Himalayan rock salt help with that.

Consider a beach day on any sandy part of the world. All that salt radiation gets into our systems and makes us sleep tight in the night. This is also because the breathing tracks get cleansed from the inside helping with sleep a great deal.

Even though your salt lamps are not as big of a salt source as a salt cave or a beach, with a lightbulb, they produce similar effects. Heat from the lightbulb helps them evaporate more ions into the air cleansing it in a healthy way.

4: No Blue Light Means More Concentration

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Blue light has been related to lesser focus and concentration from us in all walks of light. Even when using our mobile phones and laptop screens, blue light from them makes our eyes uncomfortable. Orange Himalayan salt lamps produce a calming orange hue.

This mild glow is so much better to concentrate and stay focused. Having one on your study table can help you with focusing on the task at hand. Naturally, you will be able to breathe better at the same time as well.

The dim orange hue from a natural salt lamp can also become your favorite night light. Some good quality ones are now available with dimmers that also enable you to control the amount of light from them.

5: Clear Air to Breathe Provides Allergy Protection

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Many other allergies get calmed down with cleaner air you breathe as well. With far less dust particles going in your lungs, blood circulation will be a lot more efficient too. Many allergies from the inside get calmed down when in presence of a high-quality salt lamp.

When you look at the small investment that you have to make, these health benefits suffice perfectly. Some experts also advice keeping a salt lamp of any size in all rooms of the house. This will help maximize its anti-allergy effects by making your air a lot cleaner.

All you would have to worry about though is a little bit of dust all around your rooms. Salt radiation brings down all or most dust particles in a closed environment. However, this is all the dust that was in your rooms already with nothing pulled by the salt lamps at all.

6: Therapeutic Benefits Help with Many Skin Conditions

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Since natural Himalayan salt is therapeutic in nature, it helps with many skin conditions as well. Many long-term skin allergies are treated with salt exposure. Skin clinics in fact have artificial salt caves inside of them helping patients get relieved naturally.

Although these lamps might not be as big as a full-scale salt cave, they can still bring similar effects. You need a good quality constantly glowing lightbulb inside your lamp to help evaporate its ions.

Experts also state that you should keep it turned on even during the day for maximum effect. In the dark times of the day, you can also use it as a helpful dim night light. During the day, its orange hue will look cool as well.

7: Salt Lamps Are Perfect Mood Boosters

Most mood settings are related to dim lights and clean air to breathe. People go to great distances to find a perfect mood setting. You can simply bring this to your bedroom or living room by using an authentic salt lamp.

While the lamp with provide a nice dim orange light, it will also be cleaning the air you breathe in the process. This way, salt lamps help with boosting moods in a closed environment as well.

All those candle light dinners can now be re-termed as salt lamp dinners if preferred too. In all seriousness, air purification abilities of the salt lamps help them become perfect mood boosters for many settings.

8: Purified Air Saves from Respiratory Disorders

Salt lamps not only look good but they provide many respiratory benefits as well. By cleansing your air, they keep all the dust particles from entering the respiratory tracks. This has many long-term benefits as well for people who are around salt lamps for longer periods of time.

Salt lamps are great and there is no doubt about that. Especially with so many suppliers offering these at their own prices, they are now available at affordable prices as well.

9: Mitigation of Electronic Frequencies

We live in a world of electronic wires, devices and radiation. Worst part about it is that it is all invisible. Even though we cannot see it, all its harms and hazards still surround us. With a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you will also get the perfect use of electronic frequencies mitigation.

Natural therapeutic nature of these salt lamps enables them to counter any electronic interference as well. Our brains get hit by this interference and in the long-term can get affected too. This is just another reason why you should have at least one Natural Salt Lamp in every room of the house or office.

10: They Are Damn Good-Looking Night Lights

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Even though their looks might not be related to any of their health benefits in any way or form, still it is a benefit worth mentioning. All their health benefits come with their perfect looks. These actually look so elegant that some people use them for their looks alone.

The perfect orange hue and glow that they offer boost your room’s ambiance perfectly. Their night light can also be controlled with dimmers making them illuminated as much as you need. Preferably, you should have them turned on at all times to avail maximum health benefits along with their perfect looks.


Salt lamps are damn good-looking night lights and they look elegant during the day as well in any setting. Their perfect orange hue has been related to many health benefits. Although research and science are still yet to prove them but users have experienced many.

Best Case: You buy a cheap Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps and place it on a table in your main room. It cleanses the air and does all that it claims. You get a good-looking lamp that provides many health benefits.

Worst Case: You pay $30-$40 for your large high-quality salt lamp and it doesn’t provide any health benefits for your particular case. It still looks as good or even better than any other $40 lamp. Everybody wins in all scenarios if you ask any expert.

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