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This week in Jerusalem: Class struggle

A weekly round-up of city affairs.


Int'l bidders gather in Nazareth to discuss northern Light Rail

CEO of Trans Israel, Dan Shenbach: "The Nofit Light Rail is the flagship project of Trans Israel, which will bring about a transportation, social and economic revolution in the north."

Ukraine railways offer symbolic tickets to occupied cities after Kherson liberation

Now, Ukrainians will have more access to their own country. This brings new hope amidst continued tension.


This week in Jerusalem: Illegal parking out

A weekly round-up of city affairs.


Can Michaeli bring public transportation on Shabbat to Israel?

Following the transportation minister’s announcement over the weekend that the Tel Aviv light rail will operate on Saturdays, the question of whether or not that’s actually her call to make remains.

Tel Aviv light rail train car

Almost 50% of Israeli Jews would use public transport on weekend - study

42% said they would "probably not" or "certainly not" use public transportation on Shabbat, and 5% did not know, the poll found.

Not running the light rail on Shabbat is sabotage against Israelis - opinion

Failure to operate the light rail on weekends will cost the Israeli economy close to a billion shekels annually. There is no logical reason to not run the light rail on Shabbat.


Israel's Left and Right fight over Tel Aviv light rail opening on Shabbat

Haredi and religious Zionist politicians expressed outrage at the transportation minister's push to let the light rail run on Shabbat.


Israel must confront haredis who create havoc in streets - editorial

Whenever an issue arises that doesn’t jibe with the ultra-Orthodox worldview, they don’t play fair and protest through usual means of opposition to try to make their voice heard.

In Jerusalem, baby carriages cause problems, difficulties

Baby carriages are a nuisance throughout Jerusalem. A little more consideration would not go astray.

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