Online Gaming in Israel: What to expect from the future?

The topic of Gambling, a hot potato in Israel, has been repeatedly covered in the media.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
 The topic of Gambling, a hot potato in Israel, has been repeatedly covered in the media. It seems that the debate of whether gambling is good, or a plague remains on the agenda of the most influential figures in business and politics to the present day. Although the acceptance of gambling legislation will surely generate a stable source of revenue for the country’s economy, it is hard to imagine that at this stage public opinion will allow the country to go down this route.

Global dilemma is shifting popular views around the world 

At this point in time, the controversy around the idea of gambling appears to be a global dilemma. The list of countries that either allow or ban betting games is endless. While gambling is totally banned across most Middle Eastern countries, it is legal and regulated by reputable authorities in Canada, a few US states, Europe and the UK. 

Canada is probably one of the safest countries to online gamble from today. Indeed, the selection of legal online casinos accessible from both Canada and Quebec – for French speaking players – allows them to choose from hundreds of safe websites. 

So, why is Canada a golden place for online players? There are several reasons to this situation. Firstly, casinos available there feature thousands of sophisticated games and plenty of secure banking solutions, as well as many languages to choose from, which is a great asset for a bilingual state such as Quebec. Secondly, online gaming websites operating in Canada are licensed by some of the most reputable Gaming Authorities, namely as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the Canadian regulating body. 

Gambling in Israel - when the forbidden fruit is taken away, we crave it even more

Gambling remains illegal in Israel to this day. The only two forms of betting that are allowed on the land are the ones that a strictly regulated by government authorities. Anyone with an increased appetite for a sense of adrenaline-fused adventure can legally take part in the National Lottery (Mifal Hapayis) and sports betting. Sports betting is limited to soccer and basketball games only. 

Naturally, when something is taken away as a taboo, it is only human that we tend to desire it even more. Players keep looking for opportunities to experience the thrill of casino games and sports betting, which makes illegal gambling the forbidden fruit that keeps generating steady, however, utterly shady revenues. 

Nevertheless, it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the advocates of legalisation of gambling and online gaming in Israel. Professional poker players may soon be able to start practising their favourite game freely and legally. The Supreme Court of Israel has recently concluded that poker is a game of skill, not a game of chance. This is a promising start, which will allow poker clubs to take part in international poker tournaments and proudly represent the county on the global arena. 

Sadly, all efforts to legalise gambling in Israel have failed so far. Currently, poker is banned across Israel with up to one-year prison sentences given to those found guilty of playing the game and up to three-year imprisonment for the organisers of poker events or tournaments.  The change is coming, and it is up to Israeli government authorities to decide whether to embrace it or fight it back. Only time will tell. 

Gambling in the Middle East and North Africa: Limiting beliefs or spiritual strength?

It’s not a surprise that Israelis are not alone in their struggle with the repercussions of limiting social and cultural beliefs established centuries ago. There is a total ban on all forms of gambling in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. Illegal gambling puts local players and foreign visitors on the wrong side of the law as illegal establishments are often raided by government officials and severe criminal charges are pressed. 

Online gambling is not allowed throughout the Middle East with very low probability of any changes in the future. Nevertheless, players are still able to use the perks of the 21st century and access online casinos remotely and placing their bets discretely via VPNs and secure banking solutions, which provide complete anonymity and security of online transactions. 

Growth of Gambling in the country of the rising sun

While preserving its deep cultural and religious roots, Japan, the country of the rising sun is keeping up with the development of global social and recreational trends. Despite the fact that up until not very long ago gambling in Japan was illegal, government authorities have taken a giant leap in clearing the way for this global industry. 

As 21st century technology has opened up new horizons and possibilities in all spheres of the entertainment industry, Japanese government officials can clearly see future potential in introducing gambling legislation coupled with long-term plans for establishing land-based casinos. As a result, it has been decided that three international casino resorts will be built in the near future. This, in turn, will help the tourist sector to lure tourists from other parts of Asia. 

By 2025 it is estimated that Japan’s gaming industry will be generating around $20 billion per year attracting millions of tourists and contributing to the country’s growth and development. By 2021 Japanese government authorities will announce the chosen cities that will host first land-based casinos on the islands. Exciting news for the locals and masses of tourists visiting Japan every year. 

Safe gambling provides new opportunities in North America

Canada’s acceptance of gambling has well-established roots dating back to 1969. Today gambling is permitted everywhere across Canada and is regulated by regional authorities. This ensures that all gambling operators abide by the respective laws and players are provided with a safe and fair gaming environment. As expected, all players must be old enough to enter a casino and the required minimum age ranges between 18 and 19.

The most popular type of gambling is Casino gambling as it attracts tourists from all over the world to Canada’s most reputable casinos and casino resorts. Apart from satisfying one’s gambling appetite, such Casino establishments provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the beauty of famous places of interest and immerse themselves in the glitzy shine of live shows and other gaming events.