Top 5 Safety Tips for Gamblers Abroad

Travelling to exotic destinations always brings new experiences and stories to share with your loved ones.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Travelling to exotic destinations always brings new experiences and stories to share with your loved ones. To have a holiday of a lifetime rather than a holiday from hell, it is important to check all health and safety requirements as well as peculiar local customs and even the legislation related to your favourite pastime activities. One of the examples is gambling in its both forms - terrestrial and online.

Travel Safe - Gambling Legislation Around the World

Many players around the world are able to enjoy the freedom of using their favourite online casino sites anytime. While internet gaming is totally acceptable and legal in some countries, it is partially or completely banned in some parts of the world. In some extreme cases punishment involves heavy fines and even imprisonment. Hence, as a general rule of thumb players should never take gambling for granted and it is important to do some research before planning any trips to land-based casinos or playing online.

Tip #1: Check and abide by the law not to get charged or even arrested while travelling abroad! 

USA Offers Iconic Gaming Traditions and Glitzy Online Casino Fun

When we think of gambling, the first landmark that comes to mind is, of course, Las Vegas. Gambling in the USA (including online gambling) is legalised by the US Federal Law and each state is free to introduce additional restrictions within its borders. To the present day, Las Vegas and Atlantic City have kept their titles of the best casino destinations in the world. 

American online casinos offer players a vast array of casino games that range from classic and progressive slots to skill-based table games. Interestingly, the industry is now attracting new generations of players by blending games of chance with skill-based games. This novelty has been introduced due to the latest trends in the gaming industry and the development of gaming software. This new trend encourages players to focus on developing their gaming techniques and tactics as well as expand their knowledge of the game. This gives players more control of the game and their progression. 

Online casinos provide US players with a safe, regulated and licensed gaming environment coupled with fantastic free offers that are hard to come by in a brick-and-mortar casino. An exclusive guide to the most reputable US online casinos and great bonus packages can be found on 

Tip #2: To get the best deal make sure you check the link regularly as new offers become available daily.

Illegal Gambling in Israel is Generating Considerable Revenue as Authorities Ban Gambling 

According to the Israeli Penal Law, gambling is prohibited in Israel. Online gambling is not specifically outlined; however, it has been clarified by various government authorities that all relevant prohibitions related to gambling also apply to online gambling. Many international online casino websites are being blocked and tracked, making casino lovers use illegal services.

Not an ideal situation for players visiting the country, but of course, there are plenty of other things to do and see in Israel.   This could also be an opportunity to experience the only two forms of gaming which are legal locally – the National Lottery called Mifal Hapayis, regulated by the Ministry of Finance, or sports betting (soccer and basketball games only), regulated by the Israel Sports Betting Board. 

Going forward, it is very likely that gambling and online gambling will become legal at some point in the future. Some government officials advocate for this change as it should help to fight illegal gambling and provide players with a safe regulated environment. 

Most Prestigious Licenses by the UK and Malta 

Online gambling is legal in both the UK and Malta and players can rest assured that they will be stepping into a casino regulated by the most authoritative regulating body in the gaming industry. Licences are subject to compliance and stringent regulations imposed by the following reputable regulators: 

* Malta: The Malta Gaming Authority

* UK: The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The Malta Gaming Authority has earned its reputation globally and now offers licenses to many international gaming providers.

Tip # 3: If you cannot live without your favourite online casino, perhaps leave your trip to Israel on your wish list for now. A trip to Malta can be considered instead since it is a Mediterranean destination that offers exciting holiday activities together with safe gambling conditions. 

Up to Two Years in Jail for Gambling in the United Arab Emirates 

Players travelling to the Islamic countries should know that gambling is illegal almost everywhere, although some countries may close a blind eye on it. However, in the United Arab Emirates this ban is particularly enforced, and an innocent bet can turn a well-deserved holiday into a complete nightmare. All types of gambling are strictly prohibited in this Arab States. All internet content is monitored and restricted by the Telecommunications Regulating Authority, which makes it illegal and not even possible to access online gambling sites. Punishment is extremely harsh and can involve charges and a jail sentence of up to 2 years.  

Tip #4: When in the United Arab Emirates, explore local customs and take a break from your favourite casino games only to enjoy it more when you get back home. 

Casino Ships - Rocky World of Floating Venues

In some countries where gambling is illegal or not regulated by the relevant authorities, travellers may consider casino ships that provide an alternative to land-based and online casinos. It is important though to ensure that such operators comply with gaming regulations of a reputable licensing authority. Being positioned in international waters, these “floating casinos” provide casino entertainment outside the jurisdiction of the restricting territory. 

Tip #5: While it may sound like a viable solution, be gamble aware and check all relevant licenses to avoid dealing with a shady business.