Champion HODS/HaGov completes perfect season

The Women’s American Football in Israel (WAFI) staged its 10th championship game.

Women's Football 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Women's Football 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On Monday night, at Kraft stadium, Women’s American Football in Israel (WAFI) staged its 10th championship game, with Halachic Organ Donor Society/HaGov dominating the Rebels 31-6 to claim the title.
As both teams lined up and stared one another down with the same burning desire in their eyes, it was impossible to tell who wanted it more, with HODS/HaGov fighting for a perfect season and Rebels intent on playing spoilers.
From the first snap of the game, the cheering and roaring would not cease from the 400 fans who came out to Kraft. HODS/HaGov demonstrated what got them this far from the first drive of the game, as quarterback Cindy Scarr threw a tremendous pass to Tehila Newman for a touchdown and a 6-0 lead.
On the next offensive possession for HODS/HaGov, Rachel Shmidman made a spectacular one-handed grab resulting in another TD, while Joy Davis caught a bullet pass from Scarr for the extra point.
Rebels QB Gabrielle Friedman didn’t quiver, as she connected with Aviva Warman on an impressive catch-and-run for a score, before each team’s defense settled in and denied any more points for the remainder of the half to keep things at 13-6 for HODS/HaGov heading into the break.
The excitement didn’t stop after the half, as Esti “Mandel” Levy intercepted and errant Rebels’ pass, after which Scarr hit Shmidman for another TD.
Ruth Malka Zerbib dominated on defense for HODS/HaGov, and a Shmidman interception, followed by a diving catch from Lilach Ben-David led to Newman’s second score of the contest.
HODS/HaGov star Dylan Masri, who could not play due to a torn ACL, was an active presence on the sideline throughout the game, voicing her support and cheering her teammates on.
As the minutes ticked down, Shmidman decided to stomp down the field one last time, scoring the final points of the night, and of WAFI’s 10th season, just before the game ended and the HODS/HaGov players and parents streamed jubilantly onto the field to rejoice in their triumphant season.