Flag Football: Orli Print, Cobras, Karelitz, Bitach all get in just under the wire

This past week, many teams had to fight to the very end to secure their Holyland Bowl bids.

February 10, 2009 06:35
flag football 248.88

flag football 298.88. (photo credit: )

After 16 weeks of play, the Talk'n'Save AFI Moshiko Men's Contact League will enter the multi-tiered elimination bracket stage this weekend. The most coveted of those is the Holyland Bowl bracket, in which sixteen out of the initial 56 teams will face off in single elimination games over the next four weeks to crown the overall champion. This past week, many teams of the teams had to fight to the very end to secure their Holyland Bowl bids. Some of the teams that were in must-win situations to enter the final sixteen and clinched those spots were Orli Print, Cobras, Karelitz, and Bitach. Some very interesting match-ups are set for next week as Big Blue takes on the Chabad Lubads, Maimo Magic takes on the Jew England Patz, Derech Etz Chaim goes up against Karelitz, and Tov Pizza takes on Bitach. This week will see the league of 56 reduced to 28 as, in addition to the Holyland Bowl bracket of 16, there are five other brackets of eight being played simultaneously: the Terem Bowl, the Moshiko Bowl, the Talk-n-Save Bowl, the Jerusalem Sports Medicine Cup, and the Yitzhak Fink Medics Cup.

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