Top 5: Musical, theatrical treats in Jerusalem

The theatrically inclined will be delighted by the current selection of quality plays in the capital.

Beauty and the Beast (photo credit: Courtesy)
Beauty and the Beast
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For a fun 60s themed-night out, don’t miss the Broadway musical Hairspray in Jerusalem courtesy of Encore! Educational Theater Company. Hairspray is set in Baltimore in the 1960s and centers on teenager Tracy Turnblad who dreams of winning a spot on the local sought-after dance show.
Hairspray in Jerusalem offers a full orchestra, elaborate costumes and a large and diverse cast including Ethiopian cast members that really know how to dance. All shows take place at the Masorati High School in Talpiot except for a festival event on March 12, which takes place at Beit Shmuel's Hirsch Theater (dress 60s-style).
When: March 12: 8 p.m.; March 16: 8:30 p.m.; March 17: 8 p.m.; March 21: 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.Where: 8 Beitar St, Jerusalem (Beit Shmuel performance: 6 Eliyahu Shama St, Jerusalem)Price: NIS 85; NIS 60 for students (Beit Shmuel performance: NIS 100; NIS 75 for students)
Vagina Monologues
Catch the local rendition of Eve Ensler's renowned and much talked about Vagina Monologues in Jerusalem. A celebration of women and the feminine condition, the show features local actresses and explores the mystery, magic, pain, power, humor, wisdom, outrage and excitement that is unique to females.
The Vagina Monologues has become somewhat of a movement to stop violence against women, and the performance proceeds from the Jerusalem show will be donated to the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center.
When: March 7: 8 p.m.Where: 8 Agron St, JerusalemPrice: NIS 80 in advance, NIS 100 at the door, NIS 60 for students and seniorsAh! Jerusalem Musical
For romance, comedy and history, don't miss the new musical Ah, Jerusalem! From Bernie Kukoff, producer of TV's The Cosby Show, Rags to Riches and Different Strokes as well as several Broadway productions. Ah! Jerusalem is a story about a middle-America family with plans to go on a vacation to Mexico that are thwarted when - due to a dream - they are rerouted to Jerusalem instead.
Their three-day journey in Jerusalem covers the time span of Jerusalem's 3,000 year history. The show is aiming to become a must for every tourist to Jerusalem and takes place during the month of March at the Hirsch Auditorium in the Beit Shmuel complex on Sunday and Thursday evenings at 8 p.m.
When: March 7, March 17, March 21, March 24, March 28: 8 p.m.Where: 6 Eliyahu Shama St, JerusalemPhone: (02) 623-7000Price: NIS 110
The Third Wave
The Third Wave by Jerusalem English Speaking Theater (JEST) provides a window into a life-changing experiment that took place in a high school classroom in California in 1967. Charismatic history teacher Ron Jones tried to simulate in his classroom the conditions that lead to a fascist autocracy in order to answer a student's question regarding the German people's lack of protest during the Holocaust. The experiment shows how dangerously easy it is for the average person to lose their sense of what's right and wrong in a group setting and  ultimately makes the parallel between the students' behavior and the Germans under Nazi rule. The show features 17 students from five schools in Jerusalem and one in Efrat, and provides powerful entertainment for both high school age students as well as their parents.
When: March 7: 8 p.m.Where: Ramat RachelPhone: (02) 642-0908 
Beauty and the Beast
The age-old tale of Beauty and the Beast has been taking place around the country and culminates in a show in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Theater. Put on by the Light Opera Group of the Negev (LOGON), the production features fifty performers accompanied by a nine-member orchestra. With magnificent music and an eternal message about beauty, the show successfully appeals to all ages.
When: March 10: 6 p.m.Address: 20 Marcus St, TalbiyehPhone: (02) 561-7317; (02) 581-2859Price: NIS 120 is a new online international travel portal offering all the latest information on things to do, places to eat and places to stay in Jerusalem.