Sovev Tel Aviv, Israel’s Largest Biking Event

Imagine: one of the most bustling cities in Israel shuts down its highway and most of its streets. Bikes take over.

Sovev Tel Aviv 758 (photo credit: NEFESH B'NEFESH)
Sovev Tel Aviv 758
(photo credit: NEFESH B'NEFESH)
You look around and see your entire family participating in something together. Best of all, you’re all doing something you love.
You’re at Sovev Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest bike event!
This past October, over 30,000 cyclists biked through the city, and over 100,000 spectators and participants came to feel the energy.
For the past five years, the bikers of Israel have been able to exercise and have fun during the four-day festival, which displays active lifestyle products, bicycles and cycling equipment, and culminates in the bike race.
David Ben Israel, who recently made Aliyah with Nefesh B’Nefesh to Nahariya, and just turned 70, was thrilled that he was able to participate in Sovev Tel Aviv. “While the US and Europe may host these types of events frequently, Israel is a small country, so closing roads for bikers is not done very often,” he said. “The atmosphere was electric.”
Started in 2009, the event promotes cycling as an environmentally-friendly mode of travel, as well as a healthy form of exercise. Because the event takes place during Sukkot, families who are off from work, can all partake in the festivities.
Beginning at Hayarkon Park, there are four different route options. For experienced riders, there is a 41 km ride that begins early in the morning. Families that regularly exercise or bike can take part in the 21 km race. And for the beginners, Sovev Tel Aviv offers an 8 km course. There is also a 21 km race for inline skaters.
Routes pass through the gorgeous Tel Aviv promenade and the magnificent shores of Tel Aviv. The entry fee is a small price to pay for a beautiful day of fun. So, next October, don’t miss out. Grab your helmets and a water bottle, and get ready to ride!