Gay Palestinian-American man comes out swinging for Donald Trump

"I know terrorists fear [Trump], that's why I support him."

Hazem Farraj 370 (photo credit: Courtesy Facebook)
Hazem Farraj 370
(photo credit: Courtesy Facebook)
Hazem Farraj, a former Muslim and Palestinian-American whose family abandoned him when he became a Christian as a teenager, came out supporting Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 elections. 
"As an American citizen, I have hope, because someone like Trump sits in the Oval Office," he claimed in a video shared on Twitter by Richard Grenell, former US ambassador to Germany and former acting US director of national intelligence who was the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet.
A journalist and reporter for 20 years, Farraj is explaining in the four-minute video how him and his "Muslim friends" are thankful for Trump's leadership, saying that "through his policies for peace in the Middle East, he is allowing freedom to flourish."
"In just three years," he continued, "Trump has completely crushed ISIS, brought home the troops just like he promised, and took out two of the region's most brutal terrorists, ISIS leader [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi and Iranian General [Qasem] Soleimani, who was responsible for the death of 600 American troops.
"Donald Trump is the right leader to bring peace to a war-torn Middle East, the only candidate who will create the possibility for change in the Middle East.
"I know terrorists fear [Trump], that's why I support him," he continued.
"The Obama administration, on the other hand, secretly sent $400 million in cash to Soleimani's government. At the same time, those leaders were openly chanting 'Death to America.'
"The disastrous nuclear deal that [former president Barack] Obama signed, and that [former vice president Joe] Biden wants to return to, will make us less safe. This deal all but guarantees a nuclear Iran, and that's an existential threat to the people of Israel and the West Bank.
"You may think it strange to hear a Palestinian voice concern for Israelis but the truth is peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible.
"Palestinian leaders themselves don't want peace, they want power! And the truth is 'Trump values the lives of Palestinians more than the [Palestinian] leaders do themselves, more than Hamas and more than Fatah.'
"In September 2019, the Trump administration went to the UN and announced it's global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality in 69 nations, many of them Islamic nations, that still make same sex relations a crime including nine countries where it is punishable by actual death."
He concluded the video declaring that: "I am not bigot, nor is Donald Trump. He doesn't see race, color, religion or sexuality. And I know that firsthand. Because I'm gay."