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US election 2020: Get the latest news, comments and analyses on the battle between US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Biden falls behind Trump in six swing states, WSJ poll finds

When survey participants were asked to choose which candidate has the better physical and mental fitness to handle the presidency, 48% said Trump and 28% answered Biden.

Pro-Palestinian protest campaign beats goal in Wisconsin primary with 47,000 'uninstructed' ballots

The 'uninstructed' vote, cast in protest of Biden's Israel policy, amounted to 8.4% of votes in the Wisconsin Democratic primary.


Biden, Trump clinch nominations, kicking off bruising presidential rematch

Trump officially clinched the Republican nomination upon Nikki Haley suspending her campaign.


Nikki Haley wins Washington, D.C., Republican primary, in small symbolic boost

The win, mostly seen as symbolic, inoculates Haley from criticisms that she is unable to win a single primary race, though she still faces near-impossible odds to win the Republican nomination.

People hold U.S. and Israel flags as they chant during a Pro-Israel rally.

American preference for Israel over Palestinians remains strong

The primary focus of this survey is to determine who Americans are planning to vote for as president in 2024. Among registered voters, 43% plan to vote for Biden and 48% plan to vote for Trump.

'Uncommitted' protest vote against Biden in Mich. primary receives over 15% of vote

Michigan is expected to play a decisive role in the head-to-head Nov. 5 US presidential election, a likely rematch between Biden and Trump.


Jewish New Yorkers prefer Trump over Biden

With the 2024 US presidential elections less than a year away, polls shed light on the shifting attitudes and perceptions of New York Jews.

Trump defeats Haley in South Carolina Republican primary

Haley had hoped that South Carolina's "open" primary would lead to turnout among independents, and some Democrats who are determined to stop Trump


Trump compares his legal troubles to Navalny's death in Russian prison

Trump's comparison statement comes following the $354.9 million penalty fine that he was ruled to pay last week by a New York judge.

Arab-Americans are not the only ones with political leverage in the US elections

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: This an opportune moment for the American Jewish community to begin throwing around its electoral clout.

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