Fake video of Trump shooting reporters screened by his supporters – NYT

The fake video presents the US President shooting and stabbing those who disagree with him on the media.

U.S. President Donald Trump  (photo credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)
U.S. President Donald Trump
A fake video in which US President Donald Trump was shown stabbing and shooting reporters who disagree with him in the media was screened during a three-day event held at Trump’s National Doral Miami golf resort this weekend by American Priority, CNN reported, citing the New York Times on Sunday.  
The video presents Trump as opening fire inside the “Church of Fake News,” his victims being news organizations. Trump proceeds to drive a stake, the weapon usually used to destroy blood-sucking vampires, into a human head branded with the CNN logo, the American-based news channel reported. 
The scene was lifted from the 2014 movie Kingsman. 
Event organizer Alex Phillips said the video was shown as part of a “meme exhibit.”
Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter are often asked to curb and remove offensive memes, such as visuals of Holocaust victim Anne Frank featured next to statements that belittle the Jewish suffering during World War II.

Earlier this week, Reuters released a photograph of a Trump supporter in Minnesota wearing a black T-shirt with the caption “Rope. Tree. Journalist – Some assembly required.” 

In July, American cartoonist Ben Garisson declined an invitation to a White House Social Media summit meant to deal with issues like free speech and the way companies that created the infrastructure on which social media runs should protect the public. Garisson was accused of antisemitism after releasing cartoons that presented Jews as being behind the war in Syria.   
Some conservatives claim that main-stream media outlets are controlled by Liberal-leaning groups and that sites like Breitbart News are vital to both express alt-Right views and report on things overlooked by more established outlets. 
In 2017, a meme on Twitter presented a doctored video of Trump “beating up” CNN, CBS reported.