Nikki Haley faces 'hate speech' at LGBT pride parade in NY

US envoy to the UN tweets of disappointment after being heckled.

Gay Pride Parade NYC 2017 (REUTERS)
US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley took to social media to express her bewilderment and concern on Sunday after being heckled during the New York gay pride parade. 
Haley was part of a group which included her teenage son, Nalin, as they all were finishing their lunch and in the process of leaving a restaurant.  
It was then, when the parade was passing by, that other patrons began to boo and jeer phrases that Haley defined as "hate speech."
"Our country is better than this." she tweeted, addeding the hastag "#HateNeverWins." 
This year, the NYC gay pride parade was designed to bring to focus the element of resistance. Many members of the LGTB community had raised concerns over recent policy moves by the Trump administration. 
US President Donald Trump declined to issue a proclamation to honor Pride Month and Haley herself resisted the legalization process of same sex marriages.
The former governor of South Carolina claimed in 2013 that she believes that marriage is a union of a man and a woman, and that she would "fight for it every step of the way.”