American support for Israel falls to ten-year low, poll finds

One fifth of Americans currently support the Palestinians in the Arab-Israeli conflict, study finds.

Ilhan Omar (photo credit: REUTERS)
Ilhan Omar
(photo credit: REUTERS)
American support for Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fell to a record low since 2009, Gallup’s annual World Affairs survey reported on Wednesday.
One fifth sympathize more with the Palestinians, the poll showed, the highest number by one point in Gallup's trend since 2001.
Liberal Democrats have the lowest level of support for Israel in the last fourteen years, reaching 43%. The percentage of Republicans saying they sympathize more with Israel in the conflict fell from 87% in 2018 to 76% in 2019.
Conservative Republicans were reported as the most sympathetic to Israel, followed by moderate/liberal Republicans and moderate/conservative Democrats. Liberal democrats have the lowest net sympathy for Israel.
Sixty-six percent of US adults view Israel very or mostly favorably, down from 74% last year.
Gallup stated that the poll was conducted prior to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar's remarks about US support for Israel.
The views of political independents remained unchanged.