Nazi GOP candidate in Chicago gets write-in challenger

Justin Hanson incensed that Holocaust denier is representing party in November election

 (photo credit: JUSTIN HANSON)
(photo credit: JUSTIN HANSON)
The Republican candidate for a Chicago-area congressional seat – an avowed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier – finally has a challenger from within his party.
Arthur Jones, an active white supremacist, ran unopposed in his party’s primary in March for the congressional seat.
He will face Democratic incumbent Dan Lipinski, who has held the seat since 2005, in the election in November.
Lipinski is widely expected to win the race in Illinois’s 3rd congressional district. But Republican Justin Hanson said he can’t bear for Jones to be his party’s only choice this November.
On Wednesday, Hanson announced that he was launching a write-in campaign for the election.
“I’m running as a write-in candidate in this November’s election because voters on the southwest side of Chicago deserve better than the two choices they currently have,” Hanson wrote on his Facebook page this week. “One choice is a dangerous Nazi candidate who received 21,000 votes in the primary. The other choice is the inactive incumbent who has passed only three unremarkable laws in his 13 years in office.”
Hanson told the Chicago SunTimes on Wednesday that he is running because “we will not tolerate men like Art Jones trying to give voice and credibility to these ideas.”
On Jones’s campaign website, he wrote that the Holocaust is a fraud designed to “bleed, blackmail, extort and terrorize the enemies of organized world Jewry into silence or submissiveness to Zionism and communism – both movements founded, financed and led by Jews.”
The vast majority of Republican Party officials in Illinois heavily denounced Jones, but were unable to produce a candidate to oppose him in the March primary.