Pence visits former Nazi concentration camp Dachau

US vice president visits site where nearly 32,000 deaths at the hands of the Nazis were recorded.

Pence arrives at Dachau for visit of former Nazi concentration camp in Germany on Feb. 19, 2017
Mike Pence and his wife Karen visited Dachau former Nazi concentration camp on Sunday morning, one day after the US vice president addressed the nearby Munich Security Conference.
In its 12 years of existence, nearly 32,000 deaths were recorded at Dachau concentration camp, built by the Nazis in 1933 near Munich in southern Germany.
The Dachau concentration camp was built just weeks after Adolf Hitler's Nazis came to power.
It received its first prisoners on March 22, 1933, and served as a model for similar camps across Germany and Europe.
US troops liberated the camp on April 29, 1945.