‘The Crown’ – today in America

I have never been a fan of politics or politicians, but when Trump came to power, America and its politics became interesting.

PRINCESS DIANA dances with movie star John Travolta at a White House ball hosted by US president Ronald Reagan, November 1985. (photo credit: PIXY.ORG)
PRINCESS DIANA dances with movie star John Travolta at a White House ball hosted by US president Ronald Reagan, November 1985.
(photo credit: PIXY.ORG)
The idea that Joe Biden will become the US president makes me cry a million tears and throws me into a state of incredible sadness.
No, I am not crazy.
It has nothing to do with Biden.
Yes, I do love US President Donald Trump and I do believe with my whole heart that he has been the best president America has ever had and the best friend Israel has ever had, but this is not what will throw me into despair if he loses.
I have never been a fan of politics or politicians; I am not a political writer or analyst. This all changed, though, when Trump came to power. Suddenly America and its politics became interesting.
We were so frustrated here in Israel during eight years of former president Barack Obama and his openly antisemitic attacks masked by juicy speeches and glossy shows of winks and cool exchanges of phrases with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to disguise what he really thought about Jews and Israel.
Obama, the fake charismatic black leader of a new era with the “Yes we can!” motto that conquered the world. We were all so taken by this young good-looking black president who made it all the way to the top and entered straight into history.
How amazing! Surrounded by a string of stars and divas adoring him – an incredible Beyonce singing the American anthem, Oprah almost in tears from excitement, Barbra ready to unleash and push herself an octave higher of gorgeous music in his honor.
He had it all – but how fake all it was.
A president who did absolutely nothing – not for his country, not for Israel and not for the world. He literally opened the gates of hell to Iran and all enemies of a free continent. His arrogance and immaturity were all that, sadly, this world has become: fake.
TRUTH IS never easy and at the surface. It’s not glossy or cool. It requires work, faith and the know-how to look deep inside ourselves and face reality in its entirety.
It’s not easy work. You need to be very sure about who you are, who stands above you and what your final goal is. Very few people can stand this test and come out real.
Donald Trump is one of them.
As I make these mental notes, images run across my flat screen of a fake Diana as the super successful Netflix series The Crown is conquering the world.
Perfect timing.
Some 20 years after the tragic death of HRH the Princess of Wales, her difficult truth comes out in a TV remake, portrayed by an actress who looks strikingly like her.
I remember as a teenager, having being sent to a high school in London, that Diana represented all a girl could wish for: her looks so pretty and feminine, the blonde hair so nicely shaped and always in place, her bows and pretty hats, her gorgeous gowns and tiaras, her famous facial expressions we thought represented discreteness and utter love for her husband but really hid what had become the devastating despair of a woman who had realized almost from the beginning she had thought she had entered a fairy tale but was really a disastrous marriage and life.
We were all fed this beautiful story of the prince and the shy kindergarten teacher who became a princess. Little did we know that everything had been planned like a movie script – first by the “establishment” (those who work around the royal family) and then packaged perfectly by the press.
There was no way the prince could have continued a relationship with a married woman (Camilla), so a woman had to be picked and designed perfectly for him. Diana was to be her name. There was one little detail that everyone seemed to underestimate: Diana really fell in love with the prince, but the prince never loved Diana.
That’s why it ended so dramatically. The princess dies. There’s no prince waking her up with a kiss here. We don’t live in a magic world; we live in the real world.
TRANSPOSE THIS sad story of Diana and the prince to today’s world.
• The “establishment,” the media that plan what they think is right for the world to hear, like and love.
• The naif princess who captivates the world with her looks, gowns, and diamonds, but is really one of the loneliest and saddest people we think we knew.
• The charming prince, who tries to fit in the part that it has been written for him for the best of the future of the crown but at a certain point collapses in front of the truth, and admits his endless love for his lover Camilla. He is human.
You cannot force love – as you cannot force a 78-year-old man of to run for president when he just wants to stay in his basement, take little naps and enjoy his senior years.
The truth always comes out, as my mother taught me. Princess Diana unleashes to a stunned world a side of her that no one ever expected to see. She opens the Pandora’s vase (that’s how we say the expression in Italian) and admits to having been thrown into a loveless marriage, to the horror of the “establishment,” which suddenly feels naked and exposed to the truth.
“How could they have done such a terrible thing?” people started asking themselves. The perfect and glossy image of the royal family was torn.
Major noble dynasties have always hidden incredible stories of revenge, cheating and despair, yet the image projected outside to the world remained always perfect, like Diana’s perfectly aligned haircut. Diana uses the same “tool” that had built her into a fake image of herself and that Cinderella story sold to the world and shows them the raw truth without asking permission. For the first time she was being real – and the world falls in love again with her even more.
Truth prevails over falsehood. Diana becomes the queen of hearts; she loses the crown but conquers the world.
TRUMP IS that real Diana – the bold woman who goes against the system and throws the Crown into despair; the woman who shows her true feelings to the world and doesn’t care what the “Crown” will say to that.
Trump is annoying. He will splatter the truth in your direction with no warning. He will make you face your weaknesses but will also push you to dig into yourself and reveal your real potential.
Trump is powerful and doesn’t need the money or the job. Trump is driven by passion and utter love for his country and his people. Trump became the king of hearts betrayed by the system.
He knows how to work a crowd. He speaks from the heart and is as rough and real as it gets. His attitude becomes very disturbing for a world used to run on a script by the media. He is highly uncontrollable.
Trump pops one Pandora vase after another and brings truths out to light. Fulfills all promises he had made. He’s too smart to be tricked and too blunt to shut up. He’s in this game because he believes in what he does 100%. He’s driven by his heart, not by his ego – even though he appears totally different.
A big man with fake blonde hair and orange skin, rich as a King and courageous as a hero. He is not scared of anyone that comes his way or tries to stop him. He is married to a beautiful woman and is surrounded by beautiful children and grandchildren who sit on his lap in the Oval Office and play with the Lego replica of a mini-White House.
That’s the spirit.
There’s one problem: he has it all. It’s too good, too real, too much. The media is busted. No script to write here. He’s antisemitic, he’s a cheater, he’s a womanizer, he’s a racist, he’s a liar, science-denier, etc...
They tried it all, and each theory worked up by the media gets busted one by one. Tough guy to handle. Trump goes out and campaigns for his reelection and draws huge crowds that not even Elton John can attract to his concerts.
The Americans love him. He brings prosperity and unity to the country.
Puppet Biden goes out on a severe “socially distanced campaign” that is exactly what he needed now, so he can trick the world that he’s being cautious but probably thanks COVID in the privacy of his rooms for having the excuse to have 12 people at his campaign gatherings. Phew, that would have been embarrassing if there had been no corona to blame.
Biden doesn’t care about you or America or Russia or corona. Biden is the poor Prince Charles who is tricked into marrying Diana for the best of the future of the Crown. Biden doesn’t want to be president and the people of the Left don’t want Biden. They just don’t want Trump and if Biden is the only choice right now, it shall be Biden.
No one voted Biden for real. Maybe his wife did. The Left voted for someone who is not Trump. It could have been a monkey – they couldn’t care less.
BUT THE final blow comes with faking the votes. This is going too far. This is playing dirty and throwing the blame on Trump.
I am not ready for so much unfairness. I know it’s a rough world, but I also believe that hard work and truth always prevail over lies. If this election had been fairly won by the Left, I would be sad but understand. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. I would put my hand on my heart and pray for the new president.
But this is cheating. The “establishment” wants to forcefully change the script and will do anything to get it done with the help of all possible media and social media available. If the “establishment” wins, someone will get hurt: us.
You know the miracles of the Maccabees. A small group of Jewish soldiers against the massive and super equipped Greek army. A small bottle of oil that lasted for eight long days of Hanukkah and kept the fire lit.
We are heading to Hanukkah and hopefully, a miracle will happen again and the truth will shine and illuminate this dark moment of history for America and for us watching in anxiety.
Good night, big orange giant man of truth, courageous enough to stand against an army of lies. I don’t know how you do it, how you manage to face all this and still breathe, smile and fight for all of us.
May the truth prevail. Miracles do exist.
Meanwhile, turn the light off now and let me watch The Crown, Season 4. The Diana years.
Good night, world. 
The writer is from Italy, lives in Jerusalem and heads HadassahChen Productions. A director and performer, Chen also heads the Keren Navah Ruth Foundation, in memory of her daughter, to assist families with sick children. [email protected]