Pennsylvania towns inundated with Neo-Nazi flyers depicting ominous ‘Jew’

Racist flyer campaigns have become widespread across the US recently, and while protected under free speech, the hateful letters arose fear and revulsion.

Daily Shoa Screenshot (photo credit: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT)
Daily Shoa Screenshot
(photo credit: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT)
Residents of the Pennsylvania towns of East Greenville, Red Hill and Pennsburg have been targeted by a personalized mailing campaign operated by white supremacist groups, the Huffington Post reported Thursday.
Resident received in the mail flyers that depict various cartoons: in one of them, a man of color is shown robbing a Caucasian man and brandishing a knife. The caption reads “Multicultural USA – Feeling Enriched?”. In another, a massive ominous 'Jew' is shown as a puppet master saying Israel is an American ally and that it should receive 38 billion USD in aid.
The caption reads “Give me control of a nation’s money – and I care not who makes its’ laws,”  a statement which was allegedly uttered by Mayer Rothschild, although there is no historic evidence to support the claim that the founder of the banking dynasty ever said this.
Another cartoon shows a man akin to the one who was mugged holding a Nazi flag with the caption “White and Proud.”
East Greenville Police Chief Andrew Skelton stated that various households were singled out in the mailing campaign. A man who has the American flag displayed on his front lawn was categorized as a “proud American.” A resident who enjoys gardening was categorized as an “intrepid gardener” –  causing police to believe that the culprits behind the campaign were scouting out the town and observing residents.
Chief Skelton stated that while the incident was disturbing, it was not a crime.
All the flyers displayed the web address for the website 'The Right Stuff' as well as the Nazi swastika, shown in Confederate flag colors. They were also emblazoned with the logo of the Daily Shoah podcast, produced by the site.
'Right Stuff' founder and Daily Shoah host Michael Peinovich, aka Mike Enoch, denied that his group delivered the flyers, stating that his group focuses on ‘”positive, pro-white” messages.