Greetings from Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Consul-General of Israel in New York.

Israel US flags (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Israel US flags
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Greetings on the occasion of The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference 2015 in New York City.
The conversation taking place in the public spaces of Israel and the US has always been a dynamic, sincere, lively and spirited one – spanning a wide range of perspectives, but always set on the foundations of genuine mutual respect and shared aspirations. The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference is as fine a demonstration of this tradition as any, as it brings together preeminent Israeli and American voices from across the political spectrum and from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, to exchange views on some of the critical issues the concern us all.
I deeply believe that creative energy – which has been the driving force in making both Israel and New York the hubs of innovation and originality that they are – is fueled by such free and open exchange. While some societies we see around us balk at the very idea of diversity of opinion, we thrive on it.
It therefore gives me great pleasure to congratulate The Jerusalem Post on having put together so distinguished an assembly of personalities to address the questions of the hour. The US, Israel and the Jewish people face some weighty challenges as well as momentous opportunities in the coming months and years. We are united in our dedication to preventing the ayatollah regime in Tehran from acquiring the means to extend its hegemony across the Middle East, and to menace the one beacon of democracy and humanist values in our region.
It is the commitment to these values, as well as the profound and longstanding solidarity America has always shown towards the Jewish people, that puts us side by side in our determination to thwart this clear and present danger, and to allow us to realize the full potential of the limitless possibilities that Israel holds – be it in the spheres of science, technology, creative arts, culture, health, agriculture or education.
I am confident that the incomparable buzz and vitality of New York will inspire a truly outstanding discussion.
I look forward to this and many more such conferences to come.
Ambassador Ido Aharoni
Consul-General of Israel in New York