Annual Conference

This not-to-be-missed annual event includes senior Israeli officials, newsmakers and opinion-shapers, who will discuss the key issues and challenges facing Israel and the Jewish world today. Join The Jerusalem Post’s top journalists, leading politicians and experts to get a glimpse of the state of affairs in the Jewish state.

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon speaks to Council of Young Jewish Presidents (Courtesy)
Getting a seat at the table

The Council of Young Jewish Presidents wants the next generation of philanthropists prepared for the job.

THE FRAENKEL, Shaer and Yifrach families, with President Reuven Rivlin and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barka
United in tragedy and hope

A conversation with the fathers of the "three youths."

FILMMAKER DANIEL Syrkin prepares to photograph Community participants in Los Angeles.
The importance of reaching out

World Jewry is very familiar with the State of Israel, but with this project, they were able to meet some impressive personalities of the Jewish State.

Gabriel Bach
Honoring outstanding contributions

Former Supreme Court Justice and founding EMET prize committee chair Gabriel Bach recalls his involvement in historic Eichmann and Demjanjuk trials.

Alberto Moscona
Alberto Moscona: The man behind the EMET prize

A father figure – a modest, but generous philanthropist and a lover of Israel – Arie Dubson reminisces about EMET prize co-founder, the late Alberto Moscona.

Jewish Community Center Las Vegas
The sky isn’t falling

A rise in antisemitism in the United States, coupled with US President Donald Trump’s controversial rise to power has caused varying degrees of tension among American Jewry.

ruderman birthright
Seeing the bigger picture

Now in its 4th year, the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies offers Israeli students a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of their US counterparts and live the American (Jewish) Dream

jerusalem post conference panel
Legislating a connection

'With half of the Jewish world out of Israel, we have to think about them and the ramifications of our decisions, including our legislation, on them. In the end, we are one nation.'

Caroline B. Glick
Watch: Caroline Glick's Speech at Jpost NY Conference

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick gave the final address of the day, wrapping up the publication's annual conference in New York.

DMB Strategic CEO David Brand
Advocating for a united Jerusalem

CEO David Brand discussed the release of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s upcoming documentary, ‘In Our Hands – The Battle for Jerusalem."

Israeli start-up technology gives hope to the seeing impaired

OrCam was founded in 2010 by CTO Professor Amnon Shashua and CEO Ziv Aviram, who serve the same roles at Mobileye – the autonomous vehicle technology company.

Republican Senator Deb Fischer (left) and Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas at The Jeru
Top senators praise Israel's intel power at Jpost Conference

Cotton, a forceful advocate for Israel and an ally of the current Israeli government, spoke on a panel with Republican Senator Deb Fischer from Nebraska.

Larry King
Larry King: I never saw any bias on Israel at CNN

Veteran broadcaster reflects on interviews with Putin, Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu and more.

Alan Dershowitz
Dershowitz on Trump and peace: Real opportunities vs double-edged sword

“Unpredictability is a double-edged sword. It could drive people together, but it also produces uncertainty, so it could make it more difficult to come to a resolution.”

PARTICIPANTS IN THE conference economic panel (from left): Yaky Yanay, CEO & president of Pluristem
Building a domestic oil, gas industry

Zomer stressed the importance of building a robust Israeli work force capable of fueling the emerging gas industry.

2017 JPost Annual Conference
Former IDF Chief: For the time being Assad is the right solution for us

Retired Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz wants to let Syria's strongman clear the neighborhood of Jihadists.

PARTICIPANTS IN THE conference economic panel (from left): Yaky Yanay, CEO & president of Pluristem
A biological solution to the Iranian threat

“I have the solution in my pocket,” said Yanay, CEO and president of Pluristem Therapeutics.

2017 JPost Annual Conference
Modiin-Maccabim-Reut mayor announces ‘smart city’ push

“We work to integrate smart solutions and innovation into the daily lives of residents to save time and costs and be more efficient,” says Haim Bibas.

2017 JPost Annual Conference
'Efforts to repeal UNSC motion against Israeli settlements in the works'

Ambassador to the UN anticipates veto by Russia and China, but confident anti-settlement motion can be defeated.

JPost Annual Conference 2017
Israeli minister calls Abbas 'antisemitic' during JPost conference

“What we need is a new Marshall Plan – or, if you will, a Trump Plan – that would include massive entrepreneurship."

JPost Annual Conference 2017
Israel's science minister denounces idea of Palestinian state

Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis calls on Palestinians and Arab states to regard Israel as ‘role model’

Ronald S. Lauder at the 2017 JPost Annual Conference .
Lauder: Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are one in the same

World Jewish Congress president outlines three-pronged approach for tackling Jew hatred.

JPost Annual Conference 2017
Israeli intelligence minister urges Trump to recognize Golan sovereignty

"We must strengthen our hold in Jerusalem and ensure the Jewish majority there, in the face of all those, including UNESCO," says Intelligence Minister Israel Katz at JPost Conference.

shooting attack
Terrorist convicted of 3 counts of murder, 7 counts of attempted murder in J’lem bus massacre

Balal Abu Gaanam, 21, killed Haim Haviv, 78, Alon Govberg, 51, and Richard Lakin, 76, wounded 10 others, in Armon Hanatziv attack last October.

Ron Dermer
Dermer blasts 'narrative' of a moderate Iran and a peaceful Palestine

Dermer warned that world powers supporting France's initiative would "unwittingly enable" Palestinian leadership to continue avoiding genuine negotiations.

ATTENDEES AT The Jerusalem Post’s fifth annual conference in New York listen to a pre-recorded addre
Erdan, Ashkenazi praise appointment of Liberman as next defense minister

More than 1,500 attend Post conference in NYC to hear key issues facing Israel and the Jewish world • Elazar Stern: Criticizing Ya’alon in English is chutzpa.

ATTENDEES AT The Jerusalem Post’s fifth annual conference in New York listen to a pre-recorded addre
Reporter's notebook: A mosaic of Israel and America on display in NYC

There were some scrappy comments surrounding the current coalition shakeup, courtesy of Yesh Atid MK Elazar Stern who rebuked Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan for criticizing Moshe Ya'alon.

Gaza City
'Plans for artificial island off Gaza coast in the works'

Intel Minister Katz tells the JPost Annual Conference that the venture would seek to connect the Palestinian territory to the movement of people and goods.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
'Son of Hamas' tells Jerusalem Post conference: Islam is the problem

Yousef mentioned that he first became acquainted with the 'Post' when he was in an Israeli prison 20 years ago.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Gamliel: Reduce socio-economic gaps for a more secure Israel from within

Speaking at The Jerusalem Post’s fifth annual conference in New York, Gamliel discussed social inequality, harnessing technology to reduce gaps, as well as the new coalition deal.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Dr. Ruth speaks of her 'love affair' with Israel at JPost Conference

The German-born octogenarian who was orphaned by the Holocaust explains that her relation with the Jewish state began some 70 years ago.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Danon: 'We cannot allow anti-Semitism to become the official language of the UN'

At JPost Conference, Danon says that "to stay silent is to legitimize" the anti-Israel rhetoric at the UN.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Ross: White House took 'conscious decision to try to distance itself from Israel'

The veteran diplomat, who used the occasion of the conference to promote his latest book, said that Washington has failed to gauge the priorities of Arab regimes.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Douglas at Jpost Conference: I want to be a part of this tribe

“This has been an extraordinary year,” Douglas marveled during a sit-down interview with former Post Editor-in-Chief Steve Linde.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
IAC head Milstein urges: Boycott the boycotters

Panelist at JPost conference discuss “The future of the Jewish People and the war against BDS."

Netanyahu: Millions of children are taught that Jews are apes and pigs

Netanyahu's speech lamented the moral failure of countries, institutions and individuals in not consistently condemning anti-Jewish sentiments throughout the globe.

JPost Annual Conference 2016
Lauder says now is the perfect time to make peace with the Palestinians

World Jewish Congress president says Israel losing political battle without the existence of a two-state solution.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan
Erdan admits massive company caved in by boycotting Israel

Minister equates BDS activists with terrorists.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Building coalitions

IFCJ’s Yechiel Eckstein outlines how Evangelical support is a strategic asset for Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria
Staying with the brand

Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria general manager Guy Klaiman loves his hotel because it proves that Israel can compete with the rest of the world in hotel luxury, quality and service.

Amit Milhofer
Focusing on ability and disregarding disability

A special program of the Lend a Hand to a Special Child Foundation enables young people with autism and special needs to serve in the IDF.

Elazar Stern
'Israel is home to all Jews;

MK Elazar Stern on the future of religious life in Israel, the importance of religious liberalization, and the threat of alienating Diaspora Jewry.

Izzy Tapoohi
Taking Israel's Economy Global

Izzy Tapoohi spotlights some of the factors contributing to the phenomenal success and value of Israel Bonds.

Bank Hapoalim
Capturing new opportunities in the US middle market

Technology has become a key factor in global economies, and this development has had a most positive impact on Israel.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett
Educating the Start-Up Nation's next generation

Making sure Israeli students learn math and science at the highest levels will ensure Israel can meet any threats it may face, Education Minister Naftali Bennett says.

JPost Annual Conference
Watch Live: Top Israeli and Jewish figures speak at Jerusalem Post Annual Conference

Key speakers at conference include Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, former Obama administration official Dennis Ross and 'Son of Hamas' author Mosab Hassan Yousef.

‘Green Prince’ to speak at Jerusalem Post Conference in NY

Son of Hamas leader was made famous by 2014 documentary.

Anat Berko
Berko aims to be first woman to head key Knesset panel

Tough competition to head Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee • Hanegbi plans to leave post next month.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
US fighter jets over Syria
IDF strikes four Hamas military targets in response to Gaza rocket fire

According to the IDF, a single rocket was fired at Israel in the attack.

By JPOST.COM STAFF , yaakov lappin
JPost Annual Conference
Giuliani vs. Lew and Caroline Glick vs. everyone else: A quick look at the Jpost conference

Watch the memorable moments from the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.

Jpost Diplomatic Conference
Giuliani calls for no deal with 'distrusted' Iran

Former New York City mayor addresses Jerusalem Post Annual Conference, speaks out against emerging Iran deal.

JPost Annual Conference
Netanyahu: Friends can disagree with each other

PM: We have no better ally than the US

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
JPost Annual Conference
Democratic Congresswoman Lowey: Republicans injected partisanship into US-Israel ties

Nita Lowey expressed support for the Obama administration's efforts to clinch a nuclear deal with Iran.

JPost Annual Conference
Lew gives fervent defense of Iran deal to vocal skeptics at JPost Conference

A diplomatic agreement with Iran remains the most effective method to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons, top administration official says.

Jpost Annual Conference
JPost Conference set to highlight differences on Iran today

The featured American speakers at the conference will be US Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew and Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-New York), strong proponents of President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
Gabriel Hamani
‘We get to know each customer’s business and invest the time to truly understand their needs’

Gabriel Hamani, manager of Bank Hapoalim branches in the US, explains what his bank brings to America.

JPost Annual Conference
Watch Live: Caroline Glick speaks at the Jpost Annual Conference

Senior officials to address annual conference, which will tackle political and security issues.

Israel US flags

Greetings from Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Consul-General of Israel in New York.

Ronald Lauder
Lauder: ‘The world must never again try to appease tyrants’

Jews cannot remain silent again, says World Jewish Congress President Ron Lauder.

Anti-Israel protest in Bangkok
Cotler’s call to action

The renowned Canadian jurist counsels on how to combat anti-Semitism.

El Al plane
El Al: A passionate commitment to Israel

El Al has constantly made the case that it is the only airline which can be relied on to continue flying to and from Israel through thick and thin.

IDF Golan Hights
Former security official: Time for reassessment of basic peace-making assumptions

Iran’s involvement in the Syrian civil war presents a new security threat to Israel’s northern border, says Giora Eiland.

gaza rocket
Dayan offers formula on how to avoid a war every other year

Israel must take on the unpleasant role of threatening to activate the military option if Iran breaks through to the nuclear weapons stage.

The wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery
Brothers in arms

The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization was established in 1991; it works with more than 8,000 widows and orphans of the Israeli security forces.

The Friends of Zion Museum
The Friends of Zion Museum

Highlighting the support for the Jewish people and Israel by non-Jews.

Mike Evans
A view from the bridge linking Christian Zionists and Israel

An interview with American journalist and author Dr. Mike Evans, the founder of Jerusalem’s newest museum.

History repeats itself, but treating the wounded improves

Soroka University Medical Center received 55 severely wounded officers and soldiers during last summer's 50-day war with Gaza.

Israel’s Iron Dome for health

Some of the sharpest and most painful images of last summer's Gaza war took place at Soroka University Medical Center.

Efi Stenzler
Efi Stenzler: At the helm of Israel’s environmental ‘Iron Dome’

KKL-JNF’s world chairman tells ‘Post’ how the Jewish state’s largest green organization is working for future generations.

Israel US
‘The US will remain Israel’s most important business partner’

It is extremely important for Israel to develop diversified connections with foreign entities.

Jack Lew
Lew, Lowey to address ‘Post’ parley in New York

The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference will focus on US-Israel relations, the emerging Iran nuclear agreement and the rise of anti-Semitism.

gaza tunnel
Uzi Dayan to ‘Post’: Hamas, Hezbollah likely have ‘unfinished business’ with us

If attacked again, IDF should target groups’ leadership ranks, push Islamists out of their territorial bases, says ex-general and former national security adviser.

Caroline Glick
The ‘Glick challenge’ gathers steam

The search continues to find a suitable person for Senior Contributing Editor Caroline Glick to debate at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York on June 7

Caroline Glick
Who’s brave enough to debate Caroline?

A popular and outspoken columnist, Glick’s speeches have been the highlights of previous conferences, both in New York and most recently in Jerusalem.

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