2 terror attacks thwarted within minutes in Jerusalem and West Bank

Two minors caught with knives in Old City of Jerusalem and man shot running toward IDF forces at Al-Aroub refugee camp.

Axe of Palestinian attacker (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
Axe of Palestinian attacker
(photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
Security forces thwarted two terror attacks within minutes of each other on Thursday after a period of relative quiet.
Border Police officers said Thursday that they thwarted a terror attack in the Old City of Jerusalem when they apprehended two 12-year-old Arab boys who were carrying three knives.
The boys aroused the suspicions of the officers, who searched them, finding the knives and a goodbye letter to his parents in the jacket of one of the boys.
According to an initial interrogation of the suspects, they intended to carry out a terror attack. The alertness of the officers prevented an attack, according to police.
In a second incident, Israeli security forces thwarted an attempted terrorist attack near the Al-Aroub refugee camp in the southern West Bank, the IDF reported Thursday afternoon.
According to initial reports, the suspect was shot by IDF forces after he ran toward Israeli troops with an ax in his hand.
There were no injuries to the Israeli forces.
The attacks came as security forces were on high alert ahead of the Passover holiday.