Users write abusive comments on slain IDF soldier's Facebook page

Israeli web-surfers responded to these reactions with their own curses towards Arabs. The reactions were published in Arabic and Hebrew.

Killed IDF soldier Corporal Yosef Cohen (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
Killed IDF soldier Corporal Yosef Cohen
(photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
Over the weekend, users posted dozens of hateful comments in Arabic and Hebrew on the Facebook page of Staff Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef, the IDF soldier who was murdered in the shooting attack near the West Bank settlement of Givat Assaf Thursday.
Along with messages of condolence for Mor Yosef's family and friends, apparently Palestinian Facebook users wrote in Hebrew and Arabic "this is only the beginning," "burn in the fire of the garden," "well, you were murderer,' and other curses and threats.
Israelis responded with their own curses against Arabs. The reactions, too, were published in Arabic and Hebrew.
Mor Yosef is survived by his parents and three sisters, two of whom have special needs. He studied at the Comprehensive School in Ashkelon and enlisted in the Givati ​brigade ​a year and four months ago.
On the day of the attack, Mor Yosef was sent a chilling voice message in which his friend asked, "if you pass through Givat Assaf, do not forget me, my brother." Mor Yosef was not supposed to be at the hitchhiking station that day, but had agreed to take the place of a friend.
This past July, similar comments were published on the Facebook page of Shahar Levy, the partner of IDF soldier Aviv Levy who was killed on the Gaza border. She eulogized him on Facebook, and immediately received hateful responses, including those calling for the murder of Israelis, in Hebrew and Arabic.
This report was translated from Maariv by Zachary Keyser.