Analysis: Terrorists likely acted alone, each attack infects the mind of the next terrorist

Series of counter-measures in coming days will include checkpoints in east Jerusalem, increased arrests, deployment of more Border Police, and demolitions of the homes of terrorists.

Palestinians suspected of carrying out a terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue on November, 18, 2014.‏ (photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
Palestinians suspected of carrying out a terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue on November, 18, 2014.‏
(photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
The latest horrific terrorist atrocity in Jerusalem appears to be the most recent in a series of unorganized Palestinian attacks, with no visible guiding hand of a larger organization directly behind it.
The perpetrators, two cousins from the Jebl Mukaber neighborhood of east Jerusalem, have no affiliation to terrorist organizations, and no background of security offenses. They do have a record in property crime, according to initial checks. The PFLP’s claim of responsibility at this stage appears to be unfounded.
In other words, once again, incitement to violence in the Palestinian media, incitement to religious violence based on baseless conspiracy theories regarding the Temple Mount, and previous attacks are igniting subsequent terrorist incidents, in a domino effect of deadly violence.
The dialogue within Palestinian media surrounding the death of a Palestinian bus driver from east Jerusalem, who, according to an autopsy, committed suicide, is the latest example of this incitement.
Following the autopsy, medical officers – including a Palestinian pathologist who was present for the procedure – all agreed that the man had hanged himself.
But then, elements in the Palestinian media spread the falsehood that the Palestinian had been murdered.
This atmosphere, which is producing a chain of murderous violence, makes the job of formulating a response difficult.
After intensive consultations held in the offices of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Tuesday, the following countermeasures will be visible in the coming days: • Border Police presence will be increased throughout Jerusalem.
Checkpoints will spring up in east Jerusalem. Security forces will increase the number of arrests of suspected rioters in east Jerusalem, as well as individuals engaged in incitement to violence.
• The homes of terrorists will be destroyed – a measure that has proven itself as a deterrent.
• The Public Security Ministry will move to ease restrictions on firearm possession for former police officers and former members of the military in Jerusalem.
• There will be an increase in security around public and religious sites, as well as cafes and other places where people congregate. Additionally, parents of minors involved in rioting, throwing rocks, or firebombings will be fined.
The defense establishment hopes that these steps, though limited, will help break the chain of terrorist murders.