Attacker stabs female soldier in Northern W. Bank

The attack comes just days after a stabbing in Jerusalem.

Ambulance (illustrative) (photo credit: screenshot)
Ambulance (illustrative)
(photo credit: screenshot)
A female attacker stabbed a female soldier in the Northern West Bank near the Shaked settlement Sunday evening.
Initial reports from the IDF indicated that the female terrorist arrived at the scene by car, emerged from her vehicle with a knife and attempted to kill the security officer at a checkpoint, but only succeeded in lightly wounding her.
The  IDF force on the scene managed to stop the terrorist without the use of firearms.
The attacker was neutralized without injury.
It is believed that only one military police officer was lightly injured in the incident.
The attempted stabbing comes just days after a stabbing in Jerusalem in which an 18 year old yeshiva student was stabbed in the upper body multiple times in the A-Tur neighborhood, near the the Mount of Olives.
He sustained moderate injuries and was transferred to the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem.