Bibi'yonce: Campaign urges Netanyahu to 'put a border on it'

Playing on the famous words of the world's biggest pop star, J Street campaign urges Netanyahu to commit to borders in a similar manner as a man commits to a woman.

#BorderOnIt J Street campaign urging Netanyahu  (photo credit: TWITTER)
#BorderOnIt J Street campaign urging Netanyahu
(photo credit: TWITTER)
A new J Street campaign is urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to make commitments to Israel's borders, using a play-on-words from the line from the popular Beyonce song Single Ladies "if you like it then you should have put a ring on it."
Replacing the words ring to the word borders, the campaign urges Netanyahu to take a firmer stance on settlements and declare definitive borders for the Jewish state.
The campaign has been using the Twitter hashtag #BorderOnIt and using the Twitter handle @BorderOnIt to gain retweets from politicians, journalists and activists who believe the best  solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is to have a state with defined borders.