Border Police capture 120 Palestinians attempting to illegally cross into Israel

Among those captured, some were found to have criminal records while others posed security threats.

Israel border police discover 120 Palestinians attempting to illegally enter Israel from the West Bank‏
Israeli Border Police overnight stopped and apprehended 120 Palestinians attempting to illegally cross into Israel from the West Bank.
In the early hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, authorities were alerted to the large movement of potential infiltrators near Oranit, a settlement straddling the Green Line, northeast of Rosh Ha'ayin.
Border Police, with the help of volunteers, were able to track down the would-be trespassers before they reached the security fence, after which they were taken for interrogation, where it was discovered that a number of them are suspected of being security threats, or have a criminal record.
"We at the Border Police recognize the utmost importance in locating these infiltrators out of understanding that this illegal act includes in it criminal and security threats," said a senior police official.
The recent operation came as part of a wider effort on the part of the Border Police to locate and curb illegal Palestinian infiltrators attempting to cross the Green Line.