Border Police captures members of terrorist cell near Jerusalem - watch

The cell had organized attacks on the Kalandiya checkpoint.

Security forces capture terrorists from a cell operating in Qalandia (Courtesy: Israel Border Police)
The Border Police arrested seven members of a terror cell operating from the Kalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem, according to a statement released on Wednesday.
The cell had executed multiple attacks on the Kalandiya checkpoint with explosives and Molotov cocktails.
The seven members of the cell were arrested in an extensive operation that took place during the month of January. During the subsequent interrogation process, one member confirmed that the objective of the attacks was to set the checkpoint on fire and to wound all members of the security forces present.
As part of the operation, undercover Border Police forces stopped members of the cell in the act of committing terror attacks. Special forces also conducted raids inside the Kalandiya camp in conjunction with IDF forces.
The leader of the cell, Mustafa Casbah, 18, has been involved in selling weapons illegally since March 2018, some of which were used in a terror attack on an Israeli town, which the Border Police did not specify. He provided the explosives used by the cell in its attacks.
The Kalandiya checkpoint is used by Palestinian workers to cross into Israel from the West Bank. It is one of the largest and busiest checkpoints in the area.