Israel, Hamas indirect talks scheduled for Cairo on Tuesday

Israel will raise its demand to prevent the rearming of Hamas and the eventual demilitarization of Gaza.

Cease fire talks in Cairo  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Cease fire talks in Cairo
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Indirect talks between Israel and Hamas over an extended cease-fire agreement are expected to begin in Cairo on Tuesday, diplomatic officials in Jerusalem confirmed on Saturday night.
The Egyptian-mediated talks are set to start some 28 days after Operation Protective Edge ended on August 26.
That 50-day campaign ended with an unconditional ceasefire that was to be followed up by indirect talks in Cairo that were to start within a month and deal with the terms of a longer cease-fire.
While Israel will raise its demands to prevent the rearming of Hamas and for the eventual demilitarization of Gaza, Hamas will demand opening the crossings from the Strip into Egypt and Israel, the transfer of funds for salaries, and the building of an airport and seaport.
The Egyptians originally invited the sides to Cairo on Wednesday, but Israel asked for the meeting to be moved up a day because Rosh Hashana begins on Wednesday evening.
The indirect negotiations are to follow talks Egypt intends to host among rival Palestinian factions, the Egyptian state news agency MENA said on Saturday.
The report quoted an Egyptian official as saying that delegations from Fatah and Hamas would meet on Monday “to complete the Palestinian reconciliation.”
Reuters contributed to this report.