Danon slams UNHRC and PA after 'anti-Israel' steps on international stage

Danon slammed the PA for its “unilateral move” to join eight international treaties soon after UNHRC adopted five anti-Israel resolutions.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon speaks at the UNGA (photo credit: Courtesy)
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon speaks at the UNGA
(photo credit: Courtesy)
LOS ANGELES - The United Nations Human Rights Council will suffer “significant consequences” for adopting a string of anti-Israel resolutions over the weekend, Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon threatened in a statement released on Saturday night.
"There will be significant consequences as a result of the UN Human Rights Council’s anti-Israel votes,” read Danon’s fiery statement released hours after the end of Shabbat.
The senior diplomat continued by excoriating the UNHRC as “hypocritical,” saying the decisions made in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday marks another blow to the intergovernmental body’s credibility.
“These actions against Israel are hypocritical and cause irreparable damage to the cause of those who truly care about real human rights violations around the world,” said Danon.  
Palestinian envoy to the UNHRC suggests that Jews should return to their countries of origin
The envoy failed to specify what actions the Israeli government would take in response to the UNHRC’s actions, but added, “We are working closely with our friends and allies, and together we will put an end to the absurdity that this council represents.”
Danon also took time on Saturday to condemn the Palestinian Authority for taking “unilateral moves” at the UN after senior officials filed official requests to join eight international treaties.
“The Palestinian leadership is mistaken in thinking that it can establish facts on the ground by making detours and unilateral moves,” Danon said. “Instead of ignoring the United States and Israel, the Palestinians should stop encouraging terrorism and incitement.”
The International Convention against Apartheid in Sports and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons are among the accords the PA is seeking to join, Channel 2 reported on Sunday.
The comments came just a day after US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed the council as “foolish” after five anti-Israel resolutions passed in the chamber.