Fatah official Rajoub: Israeli leaders have Abbas on a hit list

Jibril Rajoub tells Russian TV that the Israeli leaders are threatened by PA President Abbas and want him dead.

Jibril Rajoub: Israeli Leaders Are Like Nazis, Abbas Is on Their Hit List
Israeli leaders are threatened by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and have him on a hit list, Fatah official Jibril Rajoub said on Monday during an interview with a Russian TV station.
"Mahmoud Abbas is a threat to them. He is a threat to their racism and fascism," Rajoub said.
"Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas ranks number one on their hit list.  Of course we take these threatens seriously. These are the slayers of the prophets. These are the people who killed Arafat, killed Ahmad Yaseen, killed Abu Ali Mustafa."
During his interview, Rajoub also compared Netanyahu's government to that of the Nazi's, saying that he is a "distorted replica of Nazism of the 1940's."
Rajoub said that "Netanyahu has found himself isolated because people realize the danger that his racism and fascism pose to peace and global stability."