Father of suspected shooter: 'I am a part of everyone's suffering'

"I did not educate him in such a way," the suspect's father said, "and I am deeply sorry by what he has done."

Father of suspected shooter: "I am a part of everyone's suffering"
The father of the suspected perpetrator of Friday's shooting attack in Tel Aviv, which left two dead and eight others wounded, said in a press conference in front of his house on Saturday that he is deeply sorry for his son's actions and stands with Israel in this dark time.
"I was born in Israel," he said. "I am a law abiding citizen. I heard my son was in Tel Aviv and I heard what happened and what he had done. I did not educate him in such a way, and I am deeply sorry by what he has done."
The Shin Bet questioned the suspect's father, who reportedly contacted the police after recognizing his son in security footage broadcast on television following the attack.
"When I heard what happened I felt personally responsible, I headed to the police station and I helped out with every matter of security."
The father told police that he received an anonymous phone call from someone who told him to check if his licensed firearm, which he uses as a guard in a security firm, was in possession at his home. He checked and found his firearm but then realized that it may have been his son, the suspected shooter, who made the anonymous call.
The father expressed deep sorrow over the situation and a genuine desire to help Israeli authorities.
"Firstly I want to thank everyone. Second, I send well wishes to all the victims in hopes that they recover," said the suspect's father.
"I am a part of everyone's suffering; it doesn't matter whether you are an Arab or a Jew," the father concluded, as his voice began to quiver.
The manhunt for the suspected perpetrator of Friday's deadly shooting attack on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street continued on Saturday morning.
The suspect was thought to be a 28-year-old native of the Israeli Arab village of Arara, who was known to the authorities for a previous offense. The suspect's name remained withheld from publication under a court gag order.
Police swat teams and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Authority) conducted sweeps in the central Gush Dan region all through Friday night.
At this stage, the possibility remained that the attacker has fled the metropolitan Tel Aviv area.
A reevaluation of the situation was expected later Saturday. Police emphasized that all leads were being pursued.