Foreign Ministry says no intention to cooperate with UN Gaza probe

Ministry releases statement saying that it's already obvious the probe will find Israel guilty.

William Schabas  (photo credit: screenshot)
William Schabas
(photo credit: screenshot)
The Foreign Ministry officially announced on Wednesday that it has no intention of cooperating with a UN Human Rights Council probe into Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza this summer, known as Operation Protective Edge.
The probe is headed by Canadian legal expert William Schabas, who previously stated that he believes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be brought before the International Criminal Court on war crime charges.
In a statement to the media, the Foreign Ministry said that it already is obvious the probe will find Israel guilty. The probe mandate focuses on Israeli actions rather than those of Hamas, and the council itself has a history of hostile action toward Israel.
According to Channel 2, the three members of the Schabas commission were refused entry into Israel from Jordan on their way to Gaza.
The three UN-appointed officials are still in Amman. With the Egyptian Rafah crossing closed, the only entry into Gaza at this point is through Israel’s Erez crossing.