Hamas threatens to 'eliminate the Zionists' in dark parody of popular Israeli song

Palestinian terrorist group releases violent music video set to tune of Eyal Golan song.

Hamas threatens to 'eliminate the Zionists' in dark parody of popular Israeli song
Set to an imitation of the upbeat tune of a popular song by Israeli singer Eyal Golan, Hamas on Wednesday released a disturbing music video in the Palestinian terrorist group's latest propaganda move amid escalated tensions with Israel.
The dark parody sung in rhyming Hebrew with Arabic subtitles begins with the verse: "And the most important, the most important/is to wipe out the Zionists at every site/and the most important the most important/is their defeat on site."
The song includes various lyrics regarding what Hamas views as its divine calling to rid the world of "Zionist usurpers and sinners."
The Hamas spin-off of Golan's hit 'Mi she'maamin lo mifahed' (Believers don't fear) includes a chorus with the lyrics "we are the soldiers of God/we were sent to eliminate the Zionists/the only language they must understand/is the firing of swords and missiles." 
The video entitled "The soldiers of God," begins with images of burning effigies of Israeli leaders and shots of weapons and explosive devices.
The clip continues with interspersed scenes of the contested Temple Mount complex, Hamas rallies and glorified images of weapons-laden terrorists from Hamas's Izz a-din al-Kassam Brigades and commemorative photos of terrorists who died during their attacks.
The video also includes staged scenes of Hamas ambushes, and strikes a chilling note with its montages of violent terrorist attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians, rocket launchings and gruesome battlefield scenes.