Hezbollah leader lauds Palestinian 'sublime Jihad spirit' against Israel

Head of Lebanese terror group calls for Muslim solidarity in increased backing for the "new Palestinian Intifada."

Hassan Nasrallah (photo credit: HO / AL-MANAR TV / AFP)
Hassan Nasrallah
(photo credit: HO / AL-MANAR TV / AFP)
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah lauded on Friday the Palestinians for the recent spate of terrorist attacks against Israelis, and condemned Arab states for under-supporting the "new Palestinian Intifada."
Speaking at a pro-Palestinian conference, the head of the Lebanese Shi'ite terror group praised the Palestinian for utilizing simplistic weapons, such as cars and knives, in near-daily attacks that have prevailed for more than a month.
"What is going on now in Palestine reflects a lofty and sublime Jihad spirit," Hezbollah-run website Al Manar quoted him as saying.
However, the Hezbollah leader call on the Muslim peoplehood to lend greater backing to the Palestinians, exclaiming that Israel remains strong.
"Despite the fact the 'Greater Israel' scheme has been frustrated, the Zionist entity is still powerful and threatens all the region's peoples," he said in his call for solidarity against the Jewish state.