Settlers: Palestinians shot at home in Beit El settlement

Family of five children was unharmed in the incident.

Damage to a private home in West Bank settlement of Beit El (photo credit: Courtesy)
Damage to a private home in West Bank settlement of Beit El
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A bullet flew through the window of a family with five young children in the West Bank settlement of Beit El on Sunday night.
The IDF said it was investigating the incident. But settlers said they believe that Palestinians from the nearby village of Jalazun fired at the home, because they have done so in the past.
Shlomo Alenqueri said that initially he and his wife Bitya, thought that something had fallen and shattered onto their porch.
“It sounded like a plate shattering, but sharper,” he said.
It was only when Bitya went to investigate what happened that she saw the bullet hole in the glass french door that led to the porch.
They immediate called the settlement’s security to come to the house.
At the time of the attack, Shlomi said that his three youngest children ages 2, 5, and 7 were already sleeping.  He, his wife and their two older children ages 11 and 9 were in another room in the house.
“It was both frightening and infuriating,” Shlomi said of the incident.
A spokesperson for the Beit El Council said, “It’s a miracle that no one was injured.”
"We view with great severity the intolerable situation in which shots are being fired at homes in the town," said a spokesperson for the local council. "This is the third time shots were fired at the settlement in addition to all the other incidents occurring in the area."
"We demand that the defense minister take immediate action to increase security and complete the separation was in the Beit El area," added the spokesperson.