IAF commander: Israel will continue to eliminate regional threats

The main instability in the region is caused by Shiites organizations, explains Major General Amir Eshel.

Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference: Major-General Amir Eshel
The Israeli Air Force will continue to eliminate threats as it sees fit, Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel, Israel Air Force Commander, said at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Wednesday.
Eshel was referring to “the whole spectrum of regional threats and organizations along Israel’s border,” and explained that the main instability in the region is caused by Shi’ite organizations.
“They may have global aspirations, but for now they are primarily a regional issue even though events like the attack in Paris show they want to operate worldwide.”
Eshel said the IAF is focused on three Ps: Protect – the state of Israel; Prepare – for a whole spectrum of scenarios, i.e. terror, war, missile attack; Prevent – a war, or escalation that can lead to war.
“Of those three, we focus on the third – prevention,” he said. “One single terrorist action can escalate into something big and drag in many players even without them wishing to be part of the action. One single rocket sent at Israel may cause real turmoil. Our job is to contain the event and decrease the chance of major issues.”
One of the strategies the IAF is using, Eshel said, is to state clear red lines to prevent escalation.
“The IAF is in a sort of game of signaling, sending messages to the other side to not cross red lines.
That way there is less chance of miscalculation by the enemy. So if they are tempted to act a certain way, they think again.”