IDF closes roads and schools near Gaza border amid ongoing tensions

A number of mostly agricultural routes were blocked to traffic in the early hours of Monday morning.

IDF tanks along the Gaza border  (photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF tanks along the Gaza border
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The IDF has put in place blockades along the Gaza border fence, in light of the ongoing tensions in the area, an IDF spokesperson announced early on Monday morning.
In a statement, the spokesperson said: "In light of the situation, the IDF decided to block routes and areas adjacent to the Gaza perimeter fence. The areas and roads that are blocked are all agricultural access roads west of Highway 232, and the following roads will also be closed in both directions: road 4 - from Zikim Junction to the intersection of Kibbutz Nir Am; route 34 - from Yad Mordechai Junction to Kibbutz Erez; and road  232 - from Levelsim Junction to the junction of Kfar Gaza,"
Trains between Ashkelon to Sderot have also been halted as a result of rocket fire.
"In addition, the entrance to Kobe Hill in Sderot, the Black Arrow Monument, Assaf Siboni Zell Bell Hill, Nezmite Hill and Lone Difference Hill will be blockaded. I was additionally decided to close Zikim Beach to visitors," they added.
IDF spokesperson also emphasized that "the roads should not be blocked to travel in the surrounding area for personal safety reasons," and that IDF personnel must continue to be obeyed as required.
Schools around the Gaza border region were closed Monday as a result of rocket fire, with the Homefront Command also declaring that events of more than 300 people will not be permitted. Residents are also discouraged from going to work in the area unless absolutely necessary.