IDF prepares to raze home of Sarona Market terrorist

The army mapped out the home of the other gunman last week, and both homes are now scheduled to be demolished.

IDF raze home of Sarona Market terrorist
IDF units operating in the West Bank town of Yatta (near Hebron) mapped out the home of one of the terrorists who carried out the deadly shooting at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market last week, the army announced on Friday The procedure is carried out by Engineering Corps units before a structure is demolished.
The army mapped out the home of the other gunman last week, and both homes are scheduled to be demolished.
Meanwhile, in the same Palestinian town, the IDF – together with the Israel Police and Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria – destroyed on Saturday the home of Marad Shabita, the terrorist who stabbed mother- of-six Dafna Meir to death in her home in Otniel on January 17.
Shabita was 16 when he arrived at Meir’s home with a knife, murdering her in front of her children, before fleeing the scene.
Security personnel entered Yatta after receiving orders from the government to demolish Shabita’s home.
Shabita was arrested in his home two days after the attack.
Separately, on Friday, security forces from the Etzion Brigade backed by border police raided two weapons manufacturing workshops in the Palestinian villages of Azariya and Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem.
The workshops were targeted “as part of our activities against weapons in Judea and Samaria,” the IDF Spokesman’s Office said.
Security forces, together with the civil administration, sealed off access to the workshops.
“During our activities, we seized explosive devices and ammunition components found on site,” the IDF said.
Similar sites are frequently used to produce semi-automatic improvised firearms, dubbed “Carl Gustav,” the type used in last week’s deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv.