IDF warns Gazans: Steer clear from terror sites

Sirens continue to rattle south as over 40 rockets pound Gaza frontier towns; Rockets slam into Eshkol community causing property damage, hit Sha'ar HeNegev dining room.

Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza (photo credit: REUTERS)
Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The IDF called on residents of Gaza to steer clear of areas used to wage attacks against Israel. The army distributed leaflets across the coastal territory and warned the population via recorded voice messages and text messages that it "will use force against any military or civilian facility used for terrorist activities."
"Any house that is used to wage attacks against Israel will be targeted," the leaflets read. "The mission is still ongoing; Beware."
"For your own safety," the army admonished Gaza residents, "prevent terrorists from using your property for terror activities and keep clear from any place where militants are operating."
The IDF called on resident to immediately evacuate from any area where Hamas is launching rockets across the border.
As sirens continued to wail across Negev communities and Gaza frontier towns throughout the day, a rocket slammed into a community in the Eshkol region, causing damage to property, but no injuries. Several other rockets exploded in open areas in the region. Meanwhile, a projectile crashed into a dining hall in the Sha'ar HeNegev Regional Council – the same area where a mortar shell killed a four-year-old child on Friday.
Gaza militants aimed further up north as rockets flew over coastal cities Asdod and Ashkelon. Two were shot down by the Iron Dome missile defense system.
Overall, more than 41 rockets were fired across the Gaza border into Israel since midnight, as the IDF continued to pound Gaza targets.  
Palestinian sources reported nine deaths and a dozen injuries in air raids. A ten-year-old boy was killed in a strike in Deir al-Balah. The sources said Israel launched more than seven air raids in the Beit Lahiya area in northern Gaza.  
In a separate incident, IDF forces shot a Palestinian man who entered a forbidden security zone on the Gaza side of the fence, an army spokesperson said. The man was spotted approaching the fence and after warning shots were fired in the air, he was then struck in his legs by gunfire.