Two terrorists attempt to stab soldier near Jenin

No Israelis were injured in the incident.

Scene of attempted stabbing attack near Jenin
Two Palestinian terrorists attempted to stab a soldier Monday morning outside of the Gilboa crossing, near the West Bank city of Jenin.
One terrorist, 16, was shot and killed, while the other was arrested, according to initial reports.
No Israelis were injured.
The attack occurred after soldiers from the Bedouin Desert Battalion spotted two suspects at a nearby gas station in the West Bank, some 150 meters from the crossing, and asked them to stop for a security check.
One of the suspects produced a knife and ignored warnings to lay down the weapon. Soldiers opened fire, striking and injuring him, while a second suspect was arrested.
The injured terrorist received medical aid on the scene. The assailant later succumbed to his wounds.
It's the third attack at the Gilboa crossing in the last ten days. On Saturday morning, a Defense Ministry Crossings Authority guard killed a Palestinian terrorist at the crossing.
According to a Defense Ministry spokesman, the incident occurred when a Palestinian terrorist ambushed a security guard after hiding behind a taxi.
The security guard was combing the area when the terrorist began running toward the officer holding a weapon in his hand. After ordering the assailant to stop several times, the officer readied his weapon and killed the suspect.
Following the incident, the IDF closed the crossing to all traffic. The attack came one week after a Palestinian youth posing as a candy vendor tried to stab a security guard in the same location, before being shot dead.
Separately in Hebron, the Judea and Samaria police with the help of the IDF arrested a Palestinian man after they found a rile and a shotgun in his home. staff contributed to this report