Jewish teen from Jerusalem indicted for throwing rock at police during riot

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court also indicts a 31-year-old Arab resident of the Old City for throwing stones at police officers.

A Jewish teenager was indicted at the Jerusalem Juvenile Court on Thursday for throwing stones at police officers during a spontaneous protest on Monday night in the capital that spun out of control.
According to the indictment, the 15-year-old Jerusalem resident was taking part in a protest at Shabbat Square between the Geula and Mea She’arim neighborhoods in the city during which a number of people were shouting “Death to the Arabs” and throwing rocks and other items at vehicles driven by Arabs as well as at security personnel that had been summoned to the scene.
Prosecutors maintain that when security personnel began to break up the protest, the teenager threw a rock at a police officer some 10 meters away from him. The rock missed and as police began attempting to arrest the teen he resisted and struggled with the officers.
He is facing charges of aggravated attempted assault of a police officer and interfering with a police officer on duty.
Prosecutors on Thursday issued a request that he be kept in custody until the end of proceedings against him.
In addition, at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Thursday a 31-year-old Arab resident of the Old City named Muawiya Hiri was indicted for throwing stones at police officers from the roof of his house in September.
In September, State Attorney Shai Nitzan ordered all prosecutors to seek stiffer penalties for rock throwing, even by minors. He also directed prosecutors to ask courts to remand defendants until the end of their trials.
Also in September, the security cabinet unanimously approved a series of measures to counter rock throwing, including loosening the rules of engagement to allow security forces to use live fire against rock throwers.