Lebanese beauty queen visits Israel, loses her title

This is the second time a Lebanese beauty queen has run into issues because of Lebanon's relationship with Israel.

Lebanese beauty queen Amanda Hanna (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Lebanese beauty queen Amanda Hanna
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
One week after winning the title of Miss Lebanon Emigrant, Amanda Hanna had her title removed when it was revealed she had an academic trip to Israel in 2016.
According to the Independent, the Swedish-Lebanese winner of the Miss Lebanon Emigrant contestant was able to visit her southern neighbor with her Swedish passport. Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel, so the Lebanese government has made it illegal for any citizen to visit.
“After communicating our decision with Lebanon's Minister of Tourism, he decided that Hanna should be stripped of her title because her visit to Israel violates our country's laws,” a statement from the Festival to the newspaper Al Modon reads.
Despite her removal as a contestant, Hanna stayed positive and wrote on Facebook, “It has been one of the best weeks of my life, where I have, among other things, had to go around in Lebanon & visit wonderful places.… I am incredibly happy that I participated.”
This is the second time Israel caused complications for a Lebanese beauty queen. In 2015, Miss Lebanon Sally Greige was threatened that her status would be removed as the Lebanese contestant in Miss Universe after a selfie that included Miss Israel was posted on Instagram. Greige claimed that posing with Miss Israel was unintentional and was able to maintain her title.
The Lebanese-Israeli border has remained mostly quiet since 2006, but the government maintains the travel ban for all citizens.